Microscope Based-Digital Pathology System



The microscope remains as the most essential tool for diagnostic testing in cancer, genetics and infectious disease. It is found on every pathologist’s desk, offers vision quality and depth perception that can not be paralleled by any digital device, is quick to use and cost-efficient.  
Augmentiqs is the first microscope based digital pathology system that fits with and enhances the existing microscope, providing access to digital pathology software applications while maintaining all the optical qualities of the microscope.
It’s simple to use, highly efficient, and brings immediate cost-savings & advancements in care.

A Novel Approach to Digital Pathology

Augmentiqs combines real-time imaging of the region of interest, a digital pathology software interface & a novel method for displaying digital information within the microscope eyepiece.

Augmentiqs takes the existing microscope into the future, enabling the real-time deployment of digital pathology software applications directly from the microscope & glass slide – while maintaining all of the microscope’s optical & workflow qualities.

By operating from within the existing microscope, and capturing live and uninterrupted images of the region of interest, Augmentiqs solves the major cost and workflow challenges labs face in going digital by eliminating the need to first digitize slides in order to access digital tools.

Pathologists gain instant access to telepathologyAI, scanning and other computational pathology applications, affording them all the benefits that digital pathology has to offer.

"The Magic of Augmentiqs is its Perfect Integration in the Microscope"

Without any need for trinocular heads, C-mount, or adjusting the beam-splitter, Augmentiqs merges the microscope & pathologist with the benefits of digital pathology.
Augmentiqs captures a live view of the region of interest as viewed within the eyepiece. The live feed of the camera is connected to the pathologist’s PC which displays the image and digital pathology software. Augmentiqs then completes the connection between the microscope and PC by displaying the digital information as augmented reality within the microscope eyepiece. 

With a live, high-quality, and multi-directional connection between the microscope and PC, pathologists can achieve all the advantages of digital pathology while maintaining all the optical and workflow qualities of the microscope.

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Augmentiqs employs unique optics to obtain a live, high resolution, and full field of view image of the region of interest.

Display annotations and AI directly within the microscope eyepiece as a heads-up display on top of the optical plane.

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Augmentiqs enhances workflow speed and quality by automating morphometric calibration, white balance and slide identification.

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Augmentiqs connects the capabilities of the PC with the analog microscope.

Pathologists can now choose the software applications they wish to deploy directly from their microscope.



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