Augmented Reality Microscopy

Digital pathology...

inside your microscope

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Augmentiqs delivers all the power of digital pathology directly to the glass slide & live field of view.

Achieve instant access to AI and remote consultations, while maintaining all the qualities of your existing microscope. 

It’s the best of both worlds.

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Digital pathology software accessed from inside your very own microscope. 

Telepathology, AI, & manual scanning are just the beginning in your smart path to digital.

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Augment Your Existing Microscope

Augmentiqs is more than a camera…

Augmentiqs combines real-time imaging with augmented reality, stage-tracking capabilities and an operating software designed specifically for the needs of pathology.

Our award-winning technology provides real-time access to the software you need to work faster and obtain greater clinical precision. 

Make the transition to digital pathology with a technology that’s focused on your region of interest & over 20X more cost-effective….

All from your existing microscope.    


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    Augmentiqs is being use to conduct ground-breaking medical & pathology research.

    The future is being researched now, and you’re invited to help pave its path.

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    Augmentiqs is being used to conduct ground-breaking research. The future is happening now.

    Digital Pathology Experts Speak About Augmentiqs

    Augmentiqs utilizes existing lab infrastructure, making digital pathology cost-effective.
    Robert Stapp
    MD, TJU
    Augmented reality microscopy coupled with AI is probably the best solution we have now.
    Liron Pantanowitz
    MD, UPMC Pathology Chair
    I use Augmentiqs daily to consult with clients located across the globe.
    Dr. Abraham Nyska
    Augmentiqs is a fantastic and cost-efficient entry into AI and digital pathology.
    Dan Ruddman

    "Augmented Reality Microscopy coupled with AI is probably the best solution we have now."

    It’s easy to have exciting news updates when you’re
    redefining the future of pathology.

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    It’s easy to have exciting news updates when you’re defining the future of pathology.

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