What has likely been the world’s first online peer review in a toxicologic pathology study was conducted today between 3 pathologists and a study director, all of whom were located in different locations. Using Augmentiqs real-time telepathology, the group discussed 11 specific slides that the peer review pathologist choose from a study of several hundred slides.

The study was conducted at Integrated Laboratory Systems, (ILS) a contract research organization in Research Triangle Park on behalf of non-U.S. pharmaceutical company. Upon completing the review of several hundred slides, the study pathologist shipped the slides to the peer review pathologist, who upon reviewing all the slides, found 11 slides with a differing opinion. To reach a consensus among the pathologists, the peer review pathologist scheduled an online peer review session to review the slides online and in real time.

The members of the online peer review included the peer review pathologist Dr. Abraham Nyska, the consultant pathologist hired by the pharmaceutical company, the CRO study pathologist and CRO study director. Lasting just under an hour, the 3 pathologists and study director were each viewing the same live view of the tissue as seen by the peer review pathologist who had the slides under his microscope. The interactive session allowed all parties to make annotations that could be viewed by everyone in real time, as well as downloading images from the online session directly to their computer. The peer review pathologist placed the downloaded images directly into the study report, which was ready for signature within an hour upon completion of the live peer review session.

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