Augmentiqs Microscope Slide Tracker is a recently released module that enables automatic tracking of X,Y,Z coordinates of the slide on the microscope stage. Each image saved via Augmentiqs can now include X,Y position of the stage, current objective magnification and an image of the slide label.

Gabe Siegel, CEO of Augmentiqs explained, “Augmentiqs provides for the reproducibility of pathologist activity on the microscope, including the collection, correlation and synchronization of histopathology images with near-precise XYZ position on the slide. By digital tracking pathologist activity on the microscope, Augmentiqs enables pathologists to find features & regions of interest, create annotations and save locations of search. The Augmentiqs system allows for the automated mapping of the glass slide which can then be synchronized and compared to other digital datasets. With its ability to track microscope activity, Augmentiqs bridges the gap between traditional microscope-based pathology and Whole Slide Imaging within a seamlessly integrated environment designed around the “native” workflow of pathologist & microscope.”


With its ability to track the slide on the microscope stage, Augmentiqs functions as an audit & evaluation environment for digital and analog pathology. It is for instance, a software and hardware platform for gathering data from routine analog (microscope) pathology studies where the output of the review of the analog microscope can be synchronized with the digital scan of a glass slide performed with a whole slide image system. Yet it is also the key to enabling consultant pathologists to perform a second review of the glass slide with 100% certainty of viewing the same FOV as the first pathologist.

The microscope slide tracker, or “Slide GPS” functionality is being used by institutions seeking to research workflow, companies developing AI algorithms looking for validated datasets, as well as integrating routine microscopy within the greater digital pathology infrastructure and whole slide imaging capabilities.


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