Augmentiqs, a developer of a new digital microscopy technology that “evolutionizes” the existing microscope into a smart and connected device, announced a distribution agreement with I. Miller Microscopes to sell and service Augmentiqs in the Northeastern and Atlantic Coast states.

I Miller is a 4th generation microscope distributor and service provider based out of Philadelphia, that has been focused exclusively on microscope sales & service since 1936. Boasting one of the world’s largest warehouses of microscope parts and an impressive track record of brand-name microscope sales, I. Miller is considered by many hospitals, universities and labs as their go-to address for quality microscope equipment.

“We are very excited to partner with I Miller in bringing Augmentiqs to the many labs, universities, pharmaceutical and research institutions located in this highly strategic area,”

Augmentiqs retrofits into existing infinity-corrected light microscopes.  Causing no distortion of optical quality, Augmentiqs captures a live image of the tissue sample while facilitating augmented reality within the eyepiece. Acting as a platform for software applications within the microscope, Augmentiqs is currently being used by pathology labs for real-time consultations and workflow enhancement, yet offers benefits to all fields of microscopy where software can be utilized in their existing workflow.