Augmentiqs, the developer of a low-cost pathology imaging and telepathology solution, is proud to announce a distribution agreement covering Israel has been signed with Rhenium Medical Ltd. As per the agreement, Rhenium will be the exclusive supplier of Augmentiqs pathology technology in Israel.

Established in 1991, Rhenium is one of Israel’s leading suppliers of laboratory, research and diagnostic equipment. Rhenium works with top-level manufacturers from around the world, supplying over 15,000 clients in Israel which include hospitals, clinics, universities, research facilities and the large number of bio-tech and diagnostics companies emerging from Israel’s burgeoning start-up community.

Augmentiqs is a combined hardware and software solution that enables multi-directional communication between microscope and PC. The hardware component installed on the existing microscope acts as a platform for digital imaging, digital overlay (augmented reality) and tracking of microscope stage activity. The high-resolution digital pathology camera obtains a Field of View (FOV) output that is close to a 1:1 view of the eyepiece (depending on the microscope and objective used).

The telepathology component of Augmentiqs, allows any user using the Augmentiqs system can share their FOV (Includes all annotations, cell counts, and clinical information seen through the eyepiece) with any other user that has the Augmentiqs Viewer software downloaded on their computer. Both parties involved have the capabilities to edit and use the tools included in the overlay, all with no image quality lost and in real-time.

The pathology imaging and telepathology applications found in Augmentiqs Augmentiqs are ideal for the Israel healthcare system, that is actively looking for low-cost and easy to integrate technologies for improving health.

Gabe Siegel, CEO of Augmentiqs said about the agreement, “Rhenium Medical is the distributor of Leica and other top-name brands. The agreement between Augmentiqs and Rhenium shows that Augmentiqs is a high-level technology with applications in the global market.”

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