Israel Digital Pathology Startup Augmentiqs is mentioned among the Startups at the forefront of the Digital R&D Revolution:

Augmentiqs is an Israel digital pathology startup that has been included in a new January 2019 report by Deloitte on Israeli startups improving clinical trials. The published report points out  Augmentiqs for its ability to improve pre-clinical trial efficiency and connecting the different stakeholders.

Augmentiqs has stood-out for its functionality in Trial Efficiency and as a Connected Device.

Digital pathology companies have received increased interest over recent years due in part to the applications of artificial intelligence. Augmentiqs has been listed in the Deloitte report as an enabling device for real-time connectivity between remote stakeholders, including CROs, consultant pathologists and sponsors.

Over the past few years, there has been tremendous growth in the number of Israel digital pathology startups. Due in large part to the interest in artificial intelligence, Israelis with experience in machine learning have helped fuel the multiple companies developing AI based algorithms for automated diagnostics as a solution for the shortage of trained pathologists and increase in cancer testing.

Augmentiqs has taken a different approach to solving the problem – based on workflow enhancement and connecting the analog microscope to the digital pathology infrastructure. According to many pathologists, the most pressing areas of pathology that need to be solve revolve around real-time consultation. While existing whole slide imaging systems do enable image sharing, it is not immediate, in real-time or multi-directional communication. 

Augmentiqs’ approach provides digital pathology functionality in real-time, within the microscope. 

To download the Deloitte report, click here.

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