New research based on previously unattainable data of the pathology workflow has been presented at Pathology Informatics 2019. Conducted by Dr. Orly Ardon at ARUP Labs Salt Lake City, the study sought to understand the current manual workflow in order to best train machine learning tools for the automation of mundane tasks.

“How comparable is the digital workflow to the current manual laboratory workflow?”

The pivotal study utilized Augmentiqs to obtain data points directly from the microscope. Augmentiqs solution for pathology informatics collected all relevant metadata based on the action of the user without any interruption to the familiar analog workflow, including movement of the slide on the stage, time of day, user ID, length of examination and methodology of examination. The output of the data collected included a heatmap of the actual XY coordinates of the slide that the pathologist viewed, including the amount of time spent in each location. This data is accurate to a degree of several microns.

Some of the takeaway points presented at PI on the use of Augmentiqs included;

  • Motion tracking data obtained can eliminate the need to scan whole slides, similar to a representative area read by technologists (or greater if time allows)
  • Time saving, consistency and better unbiased standardization for the migration to digital workflows
  • Data can also be used for training and for improved lab operations and cost accounting purposes

For more information on the study, please contact Augmentiqs citing the ARUP PI Study.

About ARUP

ARUP Laboratories is a national clinical and anatomic pathology reference laboratory and a worldwide leader in innovative laboratory research and development. A nonprofit enterprise of the University of Utah, ARUP offers an extensive test menu of highly complex and unique medical tests. Rather than competing with its clients for physician office business, ARUP supports its clients’ existing test menus by offering highly complex and unique lab tests, with accompanying consultative support, to enhance their abilities to provide laboratory services.

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