Pathology AI developer AIRA Matrix, and microscope-based digital pathology Augmentiqs, announced the world’s first preclinical deployment of deep-learning pathology AI augmented reality microscope.

Life sciences Artificial Intelligence products and services company, AIRA Matrix (“AIRA Matrix”), and microscope-based digital pathology platform Augmentiqs (“Augmentiqs”), announced the world’s first pre-clinical deployment of deep-learning AI augmented reality microscope.
AI augmented reality microscope

AI Augmented Reality Microscope

AIRA Matrix and Augmentiqs partnered together to deploy an AI augmented reality microscope in a preclinical study. In this deployment, the deep learning solution for fatty liver and myopathy tissue samples highlighted and quantified the region of interest as the slide was on the microscope stage, with results presented in real-time to the pathologist as augmented reality within the microscope eyepiece.

The pre-clinical study was run at Integrated Laboratory Systems (“ILS”), a North Carolina Contract Research Organization on behalf of a Japanese organization. As part of the peer review, toxicologic pathologist Dr. Abraham Nyska (“Dr. Nyska”) was consulted to review glass slides containing myopathy tissue samples. For validation testing, fatty liver glass slides derived from academic research conducted at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem were also reviewed.

Dr. Nyska conducted the review on his microscope retrofitted with the Augmentiqs platform in his Israel office, and applied AIRA Matrix’s AI algorithms to provide an immediate quantitative assessment of the tissue samples.

ILS pathologists involved in the study viewed the results in real time via an online telepathology application also deployed on the Augmentiqs system from their office in North Carolina.

According to Dr. Nyska, “The pivotal study involved tissue samples which present challenges to pathologists in providing an accurate quantitative assessment. The ability to both deploy an AI algorithm directly within the microscope, and to then share these results in real-time with the study pathologist overseas via telepathology, is an example of how digital pathology & AI could improve the quality and efficiency of pathology studies in a cost-effective manner.”

Histopathology Images of Preclinical Study Utilizing Pathology AI


Microscope Image – fatty liver (Hematoxylin & Eosin staining) 40x


Application of the AIRA Matrix AI algorithm (same microscopic field as the previous photo) – fatty liver. The Green colored overlay highlights the hepatocytes containing fatty vacuoles.


Myopathy, expressed by presence of rows of nuclei within the regenerated myofibers (Hematoxylin & Eosin staining) 20x


Application of the AIRA Matrix AI algorithm (same microscopic field as the previous photo) – Myopathy. The Red colored overlay highlights the rows of newly formed nuclei in the regenerated myofibers.

Following the successful deployment, ILS President Dr. David Allen commented, “Augmentiqs has taken a microscope-centric approach to digital pathology, having developed an Open-API platform that supports the deployment of telepathology, pathology software and AI algorithms within the existing microscope. As one of the first CROs to integrate Augmentiqs in its laboratory, ILS is thrilled to take part in this study and are pleased to offer our clients these digital pathology benefits for their preclinical studies.”

“We are excited to work with Augmentiqs to provide AI-based algorithms to the preclinical workflow. Our products and solutions are compatible with a wide variety of imaging hardware, and are developed with the goal of helping pathologists’ work processes. We are proud to help improve accuracy and consistency in pathology decisions,” said Chaith Kondraguntra, CEO of AIRA Matrix.

About Aira Matrix: AIRA Matrix provides Artificial Intelligence applications for preclinical and clinical pathology. 

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About Augmentiqs

Augmentiqs is a platform for digital pathology functionality that operates within the existing microscope.

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About ILS

ILS delivers Toxicology Services for research and regulatory compliance needs. ILS is a provider of integrated, comprehensive, multidisciplinary support for clients needing toxicology support for research and regulatory compliance. ILS combines scientific excellence with efficient and effective management, handling everything from the everyday to the never-before-seen in a responsive and cost-effective manner.

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Headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, ILS employs more than 100 scientists and support staff.

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