Augmentiqs Lab Workflow Enhancement Software suite provides pathology lab managers and clinical informatics professionals with real-time statistical analysis of the lab’s most critical resources – pathologists and their time.

Augmentiqs has released the first lab workflow enhancement software that accurately collects information directly from the pathologist’s microscope, providing lab managers and clinical informatics a real-time overview of lab activity, bringing to light crucial data sets on how pathologists work, methods for pathology education and how to improve pathology lab workflow.


The Augmentiqs Suite of Laboratory Workflow Enhancement Applications is a software solution providing lab managers with critical insights into utilization of the lab’s most critical resources; pathologist’s time and microscope usage. The unique ability to monitor the core essence of the anatomic pathology lab enables lab managers and clinical informatics professionals to gain new insights into how pathology is performed.

By collecting this previously unattainable data in a manner that does not interfere with the current workflow, labs can perform statistical analysis to better learn how to operate at maximum efficiency and reach maximum cost-savings.


Output of Slide Position Heatmap

Slide Position Tracking on Microscope Stage

Augmentiqs existing pathology enhancement applications provides pathologists resources for improving workflow efficiency, including telepathology for real-time collaboration and consultations, automatic report generation, annotations and computer-assisted diagnostics, and easy image capture at publication-grade quality directly to the PC.

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The new addition to the software works on the back-end of the pathologist activity, collecting metadata of the pathology workflow without interruption of the actual routine. The data generated includes time and date stamps, length of diagnosis, movement of slide on stage, slide label verification and multiple other datapoints that can be aggregated for statistical analysis.


  • Real time tracking of slide movement on the stage
  • Verification of slide label
  • Automatic detection of objective magnification
  • Image of region of interest
  • Annotations & morhpometrics
  • Time stamp
  • More

ARUP Labs utilizes Augmentiqs for clinical pathology workflow enhancement.

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