Augmentiqs New Software Release – QuPath Image Analysis Upgrade

QuPath – Powerful & Open-Source Image Analysis Meets Microscope-Based Applications

QuPath is open source  image analysis and digital pathology software. (

In recent years, QuPath has gained global recognition, having been used in over 200 publications by scientists and pathologists across the globe. While QuPath has been designed for a wide range of users, including pathologists, use of the software is oftentimes too time consuming for pathologists during their normal workflow routine.

Augmentiqs is a microscope-based approach to digital pathology that provides easy and instantaneous access to the QuPath algorithms. By storing all pre-configured parameters and integrating the QuPath algorithm directly within the microscope via the Augmentiqs system, Augmentiqs allows its users to include in their arsenal computer-assisted diagnosis directly from their existing microscope, with no need for scanning or dealing with multiple software applications.

As opposed to previous software versions where the area of analysis was limited to either the entire field of view or a squared-off selection, the new qupath software upgrade enhances the diagnostic capabilities of the pathologist by enabling the image analysis to be run on areas of any shape and size.

Pathology Image Analysis with QuPath Algorithms

real time ai for augmented reality microscope

Pathology Image Analysis with QuPath Algorithms

Open API

The Augmentiqs software has an Open API, affording multi-directional communication and integration with any digital system/software. This multi-directionality feature allows for the Augmentiqs system to be highly interoperable with other digital microscopy technologies within the microscope itself.

QuPath is an open-source image analysis tool that is now available for use.

real time ai for augmented reality microscope

In addition to QuPath, Augmentiqs is an augmented reality microscope for real-time image analysis and digital pathology software that supports a wide-range of applications, including AI, LIS integration, real-time telepathology and more.

Learn more about the QuPath Image Analysis Upgrade & the microscope-based approach for digital pathology

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