Augmentiqs Announces a Rental and Leasing Telepathology Service to Assist Pathology Labs with Implementing Remote Consultations Due to COVID-19


Short term rental and leasing model will allow pathology labs to immediately implement digital pathology applications within the current budget cycle

Real-time telepathology and digital pathology provider Augmentiqs announced the introduction of a new payment model for telepathology, allowing pathology labs to immediately integrate the Augmentiqs’ solution for real-time telepathology.  The main goals of this rental and leasing pricing model are to reduce the internal challenges of labs in integrating new technologies, a process that generally requires prior approval in the annual budget.  This telepathology as a service model should help labs maintain, and even improve performance during a time when travel restrictions being placed have the potential to negatively effect lab operations.

The simple rental agreement for the Augmentiqs imaging system and software is $750 per month, allowing a low-risk and immediate solution that combines high resolution microscope imaging with real-time communications.

Telepathology as a Service

Augmentiqs will allow labs to rent the Augmentiqs system on a short term basis with no commitment to purchase, or to spread out payments for a full purchase until the next fiscal year.  $750 per month for a Plug & Play solution that operates directly from the existing microscope and PC.


Labs interested in renting the system with Augmented Reality and pathology informatics capabilities may do so for an extra $200 per month/per add-on.

*While supplies last. Contact Augmentiqs for all terms and conditions.

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