Augmentiqs Featured in March BioPhotonics as an AR Microscope for Artificial Intelligence

BioPhotonics is the global resource for research, business and product news and information for the biophotonics community and the industry’s only stand-alone print and digital magazine.

Titled “The Microscope Enters the Digital Age“, the March / April edition of the BioPhotonics magazine featured an article on Augmentiqs that describes the potential use of the system within the pathology lab of the future.

“Today, the modern pathology laboratory is undergoing an increase in testing, a reduction in the number of pathologists, and cutbacks in reimbursement. The microscope on its own, for all its assistance in detecting cancer and infectious disease, is unable to meet the needs of clinicians working within an increasingly burdened, cost-conscious, and digital health care system. As worldwide demand for pathologists increases, the growing workload and diagnostic subjectivity inherent in the field are driving a search to digitize pathology and, in particular, to leverage the use of analytical software and artificial intelligence (AI).

Adding AR to the microscope eyepiece enables pathologists to access image-analysis software directly within the existing microscope-based workflow. By combining the potential of digital health with the proven advantages of the microscope, the partnership of AI and digital pathology may very well be in sight.”


Augmentiqs in BioPhotonics

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AR microscope for pathology artificial intelligence


AR Microscope for Pathology Artificial Intelligence

Augmentiqs maintains the optical plane of the microscope while augmenting digital information in real time within the eyepiece view.


AR Microscope for Artificial Intelligence in Pathology

The Augmented Reality Microscope Enables Real-Time Access to Artificial Intelligence and Other Software Within Eyepiece

Augmentiqs has a machine-ready and readable Open API component capable of supporting other pathology applications and algorithms. The AR microscope thereby functions as a computer screen projected onto the live image, accommodating annotations, morphometric calculations, cell counting, or any other open-source or proprietary third-party algorithms within the view of the microscope eyepiece.

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About Augmentiqs

Augmentiqs is a microscope-centric approach to digital pathology, providing pathologists a cost-efficient and low-data method for realizing clinical and workflow enhancements. By connecting the analog microscope to the computer, Augmentiqs maintains the advantages of the microscope for workflow and primary diagnosis, while improving efficiency with the introduction of pathology software applications directly from the microscope.

By functioning as a platform for real-time software deployment within the microscope, Augmentiqs allows pathologists immediate access to imaging, analytical software, telepathology, LIMS integration and other digital pathology applications.

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