Augmentiqs CEO Gabe Siegel in a Digital Pathology Interview with Aleksandra Zuraw

Timely interview for the Corona virus pandemic on real-time telepathology, the cost of digital pathology and the benefits of a microscope based workflow.

Titled “Digital pathology for microscope lovers. How Augmentiqs approaches digital pathology differently with Gabe Siegel.“, the interview with Dr. Zuraw covers how Augmentiqs approaches digital pathology by respecting and improving the normal pathologists’ workflow, and how the technology enables real-time telepathology and image analysis which can be incorporated into any microscope.


“If you are interested in real-time telepathology and Image analysis accessible to you while you are reading slides using your microscope, listen to the digital pathology podcast episode with Gabe Siegel from Augmentiqs” Dr. Aleksandra Zuraw from the Digital Pathology Podcast.


Augmentiqs is a Solution for Microscope Based Digital Pathology.

Interview with Aleksandra Zuraw & Augmentiqs CEO Gabe Siegel

About Aleksandra Zuraw DVM

Aleksandra Zuraw DVM, PhD., is a Veterinary Pathologist at Charles River Laboratories and publishes a blog and podcast at


Dr. Zuraw bridges the gap between pathology and image analysis by explaining pathology to image analysis experts and introducing pathologists to image analysis.

Digital Pathology Interview – Aleksandra Zuraw DVM

About Augmentiqs

Augmentiqs is a microscope-centric approach to digital pathology, providing pathologists a cost-efficient and low-data method for realizing clinical and workflow enhancements. By connecting the analog microscope to the computer, Augmentiqs maintains the advantages of the microscope for workflow and primary diagnosis, while improving efficiency with the introduction of pathology software applications directly from the microscope.

By functioning as a platform for real-time software deployment within the microscope, Augmentiqs allows pathologists immediate access to imaging, analytical software, telepathology, LIMS integration and other digital pathology applications.

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Microscope Based Technology for Digital Pathology and Real Time Telepathology

Augmentiqs maintains the optical plane of the microscope while augmenting digital information in real time within the eyepiece view.

Augmentiqs is used by Contract Research Organizations, hospitals, consultant pathologists and organizations for real-time consultations directly from the microscope.

AR microscope for pathology artificial intelligence

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