Augmentiqs New Software Release – Cell Density Pathology Software


Cell Density Pathology Software Enables Rapid Cell Detection in Morphology Samples

Augmentiqs has released a new software version that further enhances the use of QuPath with rapid cell density analysis tools.

Cell Density Analysis Relevance in Pathology

According to the paper Cell Density Regulates Cancer Metastasis via the Hippo Pathway by Ghada M Sharif and Anton Wellstein, “Cells sense their context in tissues and adapt to their micro-environment through autocrine and paracrine signaling. Upon malignant transformation, cells invade the local stromal tissue and enter the circulation by penetrating through the endothelial lining of the vasculature at the primary tumor site. These circulating cancer cells eventually extravasate and expand at distant organ sites where they form metastatic seeds. Metastatic spread initiates when the primary cancer is still below detection (<3 mm in diameter [1,2]) and is the major cause of disease recurrence, resistance to treatment, poor outcome and death from cancer.”

In recent years, QuPath has gained global recognition, having been used in over 200 publications by scientists and pathologists across the globe. While QuPath has been designed for a wide range of users, including pathologists, use of the software is oftentimes too time consuming for pathologists during their normal workflow routine.

Augmentiqs is a microscope-based approach to digital pathology that provides easy and instantaneous access to the QuPath algorithms. By storing all pre-configured parameters and integrating the QuPath algorithm directly within the microscope via the Augmentiqs system, Augmentiqs allows its users to include in their arsenal computer-assisted diagnosis directly from their existing microscope, with no need for scanning or dealing with multiple software applications.

As opposed to previous software versions where the area of analysis was limited to either the entire field of view or a squared-off selection, the new qupath software upgrade enhances the diagnostic capabilities of the pathologist by enabling the image analysis to be run on lines. Pathologists can now highlight cells that are adjacent or touching the line.


cell density analysis straight line

Pathology Cell Density Image Analysis with QuPath Algorithms

cell density analysis freehand line

Pathology Cell Density Image Analysis with QuPath Algorithms

Accessing Pathology Cell Density Analysis Software Within the Microscope

Augmentiqs integrates digital pathology software within the existing microscope. The combined approach for real time software deployment within the classic microscope workflow enables pathologists to improve lab throughput.  

An expanded option of cell density pathology analysis tools can be accessed directly within the microscope.

cell density pathology analysis software in the microscope

In addition to QuPath, Augmentiqs is an augmented reality microscope for real-time image analysis and digital pathology software that supports a wide-range of applications, including AI, LIS integration, real-time telepathology and more.

Learn more about the QuPath Image Analysis Upgrade & the microscope-based approach for digital pathology

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