Augmentiqs Included Within the Charles River Digital Pathology Toolset

About Charles River & Digital Pathology

With 90 sites around the globe, Charles River is the world’s leading preclinical Contract Research Organization. To help their clients accelerate drug and medical device discovery, Charles River has implemented a wide range of Digital Pathology technologies, including the use of real time telepathology directly from the microscope glass slide for Online Peer Review.

Augmentiqs has been used extensively by Charles River and other Contract Research Organizations for Online Peer Review, playing a pivotal role in quickening the discovery process and lowering costs. 

Charles River Adapts Digital Primary and Peer Review

According to Charles River, “Comprehensive digital pathology has arrived at Charles River to accelerate discovery and safety programs around the globe. The average toxicology program involves the assessment of 30,000 slides, consuming considerable time and effort. With the application of new digital pathology software and equipment, tasks that once took hours have been reduced to minutes, with the added advantage of enhanced collaboration and peer review.”

Real Time Telepathology

While Whole Slide Imaging plays a major role in remote consultations, there are instances when real time technologies are required. According to the Charles River website, “When whole slide imaging is not immediately available, many of our sites and pathologists use tools like standard microscope cameras and virtual reality systems (Augmentiqs) to collaborate and consult on glass slides. Whether you wish to dial in to our microscopes or use tools like Skype to engage real-time with our pathologists, telepathology solutions add flexibility to the WSI production and review involved in standard study conduct.”

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A Statement Concerning Use of Augmentiqs Live Telepathology for Peer Review in GLP Studies

According to Augmentiqs CEO Gabe Siegel, “The adaption of Augmentiqs by Charles River for online peer review and real time consultations says more about our value proposition than just about anything else. The Augmenitqs system has undergone extensive testing by Charles River, and has been found to outperform other technologies in innovation, quality, value and speed, in addition to providing a compelling ROI.”

About Augmentiqs

Augmentiqs is a microscope-centric approach to digital pathology, providing pathologists a cost-efficient and low-data method for realizing clinical and workflow enhancements. By connecting the analog microscope to the computer, Augmentiqs maintains the advantages of the microscope for workflow and primary diagnosis, while improving efficiency with the introduction of pathology software applications directly from the microscope.

By functioning as a platform for real-time software deployment within the microscope, Augmentiqs allows pathologists immediate access to imaging, analytical software, telepathology, LIMS integration and other digital pathology applications.

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