The Pathologist Magazine Reviews Augmented Reality Microscope Technology, Interviewing Dr. Liron Pantanowitz and Dr. Swati Satturwar on their use of Augmentiqs.

Dr. Liron Pantanowitz, Director and A. James French Professor of Anatomic Pathology at the University of Michigan, and Dr. Swati Satturwar, Genitourinary Pathology Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, were interviewed on their use of Augmentiqs within the Pathology Lab, and their thoughts on how Augmented Reality Microscopy can impact pathology.

It was awesome and delivered just as expected, bringing AR right to my microscope. There are so many use cases for augmented and virtual reality in pathology – I am just getting started.

Why ARM Can Hasten the Future of the Pathology Lab

As noted by Liron Pantanowitz in the Pathologist reviews augmented reality microscope technology, the biggest obstacle to pathology’s digital transition has been the need to acquire the image first. Photographing slides is cumbersome and doesn’t give you access to the entire slide, whereas scanning the glass slide is time-consuming and requires expensive hardware and software.

“With (Augmented Reality Microscope Technology) ARM this inertia is removed. All you need to do is attach an AR device to your microscope and voila – you are ready to go. That’s what inspired me.”

Dr. Pantanowitz was further quoted as presenting the primary benefits of augmented reality microscope technology, specifically saying that AR is more practical, additive, and offers more possibilities than virtual reality. In addition, Dr. Satturwar was quoted that ARM is more likely to be adopted by users because it integrates into the existing microscope and does not require any wearable accessories.

In conclusion, the Pathologist brings the opinion of Dr. Pantanowitz that ARM technology offers the potential of greater accuracy, efficiency, and reproducibility for simple morphometric measurements or stain quantification. And, coupled with AI algorithms, it can enhance lab workflow and decrease turnaround time by automating multiple diagnostic steps.

Signifcant Milestone in Digital Pathology

Gabe Siegel, CEO of Augmentiqs expressed joy with the release of the article, stating “The Pathologist review of augmented reality microscopy represents a major milestone, as it further validates our technology and presents a clear path for how ARM can bring clinical and workflow value to the pathology lab. We are hopeful that other labs will soon be presenting their findings on the use of ARM.”

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