AI Developer AIRA Matrix and Pre-clinical CRO Pharmaseed Announced a Strategic Collaboration with Dr. Abraham Nyska for Deploying Artificial Intelligence via Augmentiqs in Toxicologic Pathology Studies of In- Vivo Disease Models

The partnership represents the first large-scale deployment of AI algorithms in a fully microscope-based workflow.

By deploying AI for toxicologic pathology studies via Augmentiqs within Dr. Nyksa’s microscope, Aira Matrix and Pharmaseed prove the utility of microscope-based digital pathology.

Expert Toxicologic Pathologist Dr. Abraham Nyska (DVM, Dipl. ECVP, Fellow IATP) will guide this collaboration and apply AIRA Matrix’s deep learning based solution integrated within the Augmentiqs digital pathology platform.

Prof. Nyska stated that “Histological findings observed in the animal models resemble those seen in respiratory tract infections in humans. This rationale will be applied in the development of models to expedite discovery models applicable to CoViD 19.”

AIRAMatrix Pvt. Ltd. (“AIRA Matrix”), the premier provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) products and services for the Life Sciences industries and Pharmaseed Ltd (“Pharmaseed”), Israel’s largest GLP-certified pre-clinical CRO specializing in translational and regenerative studies announced a strategic collaboration for developing AI applications for quantification of histological parameters derived from in-vivo disease models in animal studies. Pharmaseed offers a selection of in-vivo models to suit different research needs including models, for applications in Infectious Disease, Stem Cells/Regeneration, Cell Therapy, Cancer, CNS disorders, Sexual Dysfunction, Inflammation, Nutraceuticals, and Dermatology. AIRA Matrix has extensive capabilities in the development of AI based quantification of histological parameters in disease models, including a library of existing ones and the ability to rapidly develop custom algorithms to assess new models.

As part of the collaboration, AIRA Matrix will provide AI based image analysis solutions for quantification of disease-related histological attributes and help extend Pharmaseed’s capabilities with in-vivo models. This collaboration will ensure pharmaceutical and biotech companies a faster turnaround on results with enhanced accuracy and precision and reduced drug development times and costs. This collaboration comes at an important juncture when the world unites in fighting the current, unprecedented healthcare crisis. To help aid faster drug development on the CoViD-19 front, this collaboration will initially focus on the deployment of solutions for quantification of acute and chronic lung damage in animal models.

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