Digital Zoom is now Enabled: New Software Release Upgrades Image Interaction with Easy to Use Zoom Scale


Digital Zoom is enabled on Augmentiqs latest software release version 0.8.12. The digital zoom feature allows the user to zoom-in to the images without having to adjust the objective.

The feature was originally requested by an Augmentiqs client, and made available for all users in the latest release.

Of note, as the feature uses only native image resolution acquired from the camera, in the case of very large window size (e.g. 4K monitor) the digital zoom will be useless since all the images acquired from the camera will have enough real estate to be shown in its entirety without shrinking the image in order to fit the window.

Furthermore, in the event Limit Scale Factor option is enabled, Digital Zoom feature will be disabled.

For further questions, please contact Augmentiqs Technical Support.


Original Image of Ki-67 Sample


Digital Zoom-In on SameSample

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