Going Digital With The Microscope – A webinar with Augmentiqs CEO Gabe Siegel, CTO Eli Pegin, toxicologic pathologist Dr. Abraham Nyska and anatomic pathologist Dr. Vicente Marco Molina.

Now available on YouTube.

Webinar Presents How Pathologists Use Augmentiqs

Webinar includes Augmentiqs CEO Gabe Siegel, CTO Ilia Peigin, toxicologic pathologist Dr. Abraham Nyska and Anatomic Pathologist Dr. Vicente Marco Molina.

The goal of the webinar was to present how pathologists are using Augmentiqs to access digital pathology technologies directly from their microscope. The 53 minute webinar includes a very brief overview of the hardware and software, followed by 30 minutes showing how the system is used in toxicologic and anatomic pathology labs.

Dr. Nyska demonstrated the use of AI algorithms and QuPath for Ki-67, fatty liver and fibrosis, while Dr. Molina demonstrated the use of measurement tools for analyzing TILs, and QuPath for Ki-67.

Take away points as stated from Dr. Nyska:

        • “Augmentiqs system essentially provides me all of the digital pathology tools I need to work faster, provide quantitative results and very easily document the work that I do.”It has it all:
        • “If I were to estimate how much time the system saves me with all the automated features like automatic white balance and objective recognition, having AI and image analysis tools, telepathology, and having images immediately available for download, I would say that without any exaggeration, I am able to perform certain tasks which once took days in just several hours. The cost savings of this time saved is simply immeasurable. In addition, the quantitative data is by far more accurate than the semiquantitative data.”Efficient peer review:
              • “To date, I have successfully used the system for over 20 GLP peer reviews, doing it  with internationally  leading CRO’s, in addition to many hundreds of telepathology sessions. The reports from these peer reviews were shared with the FDA,  without any comment.  I should  emphasize here that  all my formal peer review  work  is  done  by adopting an appropriate SOP, including periodic calibration, that is easily done with the system.”


  • No more need for travelling:
        • “I would also say that I used to travel overseas on average 2 times per month. Since the start of Corona, I have not traveled at all, and my business has increased. I am positive that the Augmentiqs system with its telepathology and AI capabilities has brought me many new clients.”

    Satisfied clients:

        • “Related to this, all of my clients have always been very happy to finally see a glimpse of the work I do, and this helps them in better designing their products.”

    Benefiting from analog ad digital at the same time:

      • “And finally, the fact that Augmentiqs is enabling me to do all of this from my microscope without scanning, means that everything is immediate without heavy files. It is really the best of both worlds by having the speed and quality of the microscope, with state of the art digital tools.”

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