Augmentiqs Now Supports Whole Slide Scanning Microscope Developer Microvisioneer Software

Manual whole slide scanning microscope developer Microvisioneer, and microscope based digital pathology Augmentiqs have announced joint integration of their technologies. With this expanded capability, pathologists can benefits from all the benefits of digital pathology directly from their existing microscope, without the need for large capital expenses.

Augmentiqs stands apart from the traditional WSI platforms, as it brings the benefits of digital pathology to the microscope. By catering as an economical option for pathologists looking to go digital, it is a good cross-over option for pathologists who are not quite ready for a complete whole slide imaging workflow, but are seeking the occasional use of scanning software.

When combined with the other capabilities which Augmentiqs brings pathologists, including real-time telepathology, augmented reality, image analysis and pathology informatics, the addition of Microvisioneer’s whole slide scanning software makes the microscope with Augmentiqs the ideal platform for digital pathology.

“Augmentiqs is excited about this new integration with Microvisioneer. In addition to further enhancing the functionality of the Augmentiqs system, we have found that in comparison to other 3rd ocular cameras, scanning time can be reduced by as much as 50% with Augmentiqs due to the uniquely large field of view available with the Augmentiqs camera. We are positive that pathologists will benefit greatly from this combined digital pathology product,” said Gabe Siegel, CEO of Augmentiqs.

About Microvisioneer:

Founded in 2016, Microvisioneer develops and offers innovative software-based solutions to upgrade existing microscopes to manual slide scanners. Microvisioneer’s manual scanning approach combines digital progress and innovation with the versatility and flexibility of traditional microscopes. With Microvisioneer, almost any type of slide can be digitized, no matter how exceptional.

About Augmentiqs:

Augmentiqs was founded in 2016 by alumni of the digital pathology industry who believed current digital pathology solutions were not adequately meeting the true needs of pathologists in terms of workflow or clinical value, nor was there enough cost-savings to justify the expense of capital equipment. Augmentiqs has taken a new approach that integrates the benefits of digital pathology within the existing microscope-based workflow.

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