Limited Time Offer – Special Discount on 3rd Ocular Cameras with Augmentiqs Digital Pathology & Telepathology Software

Augmentiqs was started with the goal of delivering all the potential of digital pathology within the existing microscope and pathology workflow.

Obtaining a live, high-resolution, & full field of view image is one of the keys to successful digital pathology via the microscope.

By being strategically placed under the existing microscope eyepiece and employing a unique optical design, Augmentiqs is not bound by the limitations of the trinocular head and sets itself apart from the standard camera with a digital pathology grade image and augmented reality of the eyepiece.



Special Promotion


However, for certain microscopes, labs and budgets, the common 3rd ocular camera in the trinocular head is the only option. To help support these microscopes with accessing some of the benefits of digital pathology, AI and telepathology applications, Augmentiqs has a limited supply of 3rd ocular cameras and is offering them complete with telepathology and image analysis software at a discounted price.


Purchase a 20mp or 5mp, 1″ camera for 3,500 Euro/ (~$4,120) and receive our telepathology & image analysis software at no cost.

Camera Specs

  • 20mp Rolling Shutter / 5mp Global Shutter
  • 4k+ equivalent
  • 1″ sensor diagonal
  • Up to 75 FPS
  • USB 3.0


  • Telepathology
  • Open source image capture
  • QuPath Ki-67 & WCD algorithms
  • Database
  • Morphometric annotations

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