Eye-Tracking Leader SeeTrue Technologies and Augmented-Reality Microscope and Stage-Tracking Leader Augmentiqs Announce Collaboration to Enhance Pathology and Microscope-Based Research

The synergy of SeeTrue and Augmentiqs technologies will facilitate significant progress in cancer research. 

The new technology empowers pathologists and researchers to collect previously unobtainable data from the microscope to better understand cancer diagnosis and develop tools to improve their clinical workflow.


SeeTrue Technologies and Augmentiqs are providing researchers and clinicians with a complete solution for microscope-based data collection.

The solution combines advanced eye tracking, augmented reality, and stage tracking capabilities within the existing light microscope, enabling researchers to seamlessly collect previously inaccessible datasets and annotations.

The microscope is ubiquitous to clinical and research laboratories, playing a critical role in the determination of anatomical details, disease diagnosis, and other research. Yet, as an analog instrument of glass and light, the microscope does not readily share the method by which decisions are reached. 

As a result of the partnership between SeeTrue Technologies and Augmentiqs, the connection between microscope-based activity and the cognitive processing of the operator can now be studied, as the tools are now available to collect this data. SeeTrue Technologies and Augmentiqs are providing researchers and clinicians with the ability to view previously unexplored areas of scientific methodology, facilitating increased efficacy of the pathology workflow.

Roman Bednarik, SeeTrue Technologies CEO said, “SeeTrue develops the world’s most advanced eye-tracking solutions, with over a decade of research and hands-on industry experience. Our devices have a small footprint, do not require recalibration and allow accurate real-time operator monitoring. The integration of our technology with Augmentiqs’ stage tracking and Augmented Reality capabilities is a natural step, as both companies have taken an approach that embraces and enhances the existing microscopes with plug-and-play non-obtrusive accessories.

Augmentiqs CEO Gabe Siegel said, “The fact that pathology has long been viewed as a subjective science makes the study of the cognitive process one of the most important and exciting areas of pathology research. Applications for our combined solution will include pathology education, algorithm training, and laboratory workflow enhancement. Ultimately, smart microscopes will enable great progress.”

About SeeTrue Technologies:

SeeTrue Technologies is a Finnish company building extremely robust medical grade eye tracking solutions. Eye tracking provides new ways to interact with demanding procedures and monitor operator interest and states. SeeTrue offers easy ways to integrate eye tracking through customizable development kits and OS independent application interfaces. For more information visit www.seetruetechnologies.com


About Augmentiqs

The Augmentiqs digital pathology solution embraces & enhances the existing microscope, helping pathologists work more effectively, connect remotely with colleagues and conduct ground-breaking research by providing real-time access to digital pathology software applications directly from the microscope. The result is pathology that’s smarter, faster, and more cost-effective.

For more information, visit www.augmentiqs.com.