Augmentiqs partners with all pathology software vendors, universities and private developers


Artificial Intelligence:

The world is racing toward AI solutions for pathology, and the key to success will be access to datasets. As of today, Whole Slide Imaging is not seeing widespread use in anatomic pathology due to its inherent slowing down of the workflow with negligible clinical value. Augmentiqs is able to generate large datasets from which AI companies can train their algorithms, and eventually integrate software into the WSI systems that will bring true clinical value. If you would like to join us in creating the best AI solutions, contact us to start the discussion.

LIS Vendors:

It’s ironic that the single most important tool on the pathologists desk is not connected to the LIS. This is all going to change, as Augmentiqs integrates and connects the microscope to the LIS. Work with Augmentiqs to offer your LIS solution to the growing number of labs utilizing smart microscopy.

Software Solutions

Imagine quantitative IHC cell counting while looking within the eyepiece of the microscope. There are unlimited opportunities for SW vendors wishing to sell their services on the world’s first digital pathology app store.

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