AR Microscope for Pathology Screening

AR Microscope for Pathology Screening

Augmented Reality in Pathology Screening

The use of an augmented reality, AR microscope for pathology screening can help speed up and improve the pathology workflow and clinical outcomes by providing pathologists real-time access to digital toolsets while viewing the tissue specimen in the microscope.

The Augmentiqs AR platform provides morphometric tools, computer assisted diagnostics tools software and artificial intelligence within the classic pathology workflow. When the existing microscope includes AR technology, pathologists can provide faster care and more subjective results.

The Affordable Approach – AR Microscope for Pathology Screening

Augmentiqs has taken a platform approach to integrating augmented reality within the existing microscope. As the pathologist views the same quality light of the tissue specimen, digital information can be projected on top of the optical plane. The digital toolbar can include basic morphometric and annotative tools, or utilize the Open API on Augmentiqs to run real-time AI algorithms.

Augmentiqs also includes a digital pathology grade camera, allowing pathologists the ability to capture, annotate and share images directly from the microscope.

With this low cost solution for digital pathology, Augmentiqs is the ideal solution for labs of all sizes and budgets to access the benefits of computer assisted diagnostics and quantitative analysis while utilizing the inherent qualities of diagnosis that only the microscope provides.

Upgrade Your Existing Microscope

Augmentiqs is easily retrofitted into the pathologists existing microscope, regardless of brand or model. With its unique ability to take out a  live image of the tissue & insert information to the microscope via augmented reality, Augmentiqs transforms the existing microscope into a low-cost platform for almost any digital pathology application.

By not changing the optical quality of the tissue specimen, and including a digital-pathology grade camera, the addition of augmented reality to the microscope brings significant cost and clinical benefits.

Labs using Augmentiqs have reported an up to an 80% reduction in time spent for certain tasks which until now were impossible to do within the microscope.

AR Microscope for Pathology Screening

Note: The images below were captured with a cell phone camera held up against the microscope eyepiece. Due to the camera picking up the frequency of the projection system, a filter is placed on the cell phone camera to reduce discoloration and blurring, yet resulting in the tissue and augmented reality appearing much darker. The augmented reality is full-resolution color gamut that appears sharp and clear when viewed by the human eye.

Cell phone image of tissue with augmented reality module turned off. The augmented reality can be easily switched on and off, providing a completly normal view of the tissue via the microscope eyepiece.

Cell phone image of augmented reality annotations and morphometrics. Any pathology software can be viewed inside, including cell counting, color segmentation and viewing of case details.

Multiple Applications of an AR Microscope in Pathology Screening

Augmentiqs is an effective tool for pathology education, consultation and peer review. When placed under a multi headed microscope adapter, all viewers will view the augmented reality.

Pass around the mouse between the users, and see how everyone can annotate, make measurements and point our areas of interest.

Pathology Screening With Digital Toolsets & Augmented Reality Microscope

Pathology screening is enhanced by using the Augmentiqs platform. Keep all the benefits of the microscope, while improving care and working faster with real-time access computer-assisted diagnostic tools.

Pathologists in America’s leading institutions are utilizing Augmentiqs for accessing quantitative tools within their routine.

  • Morphometrics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • QuPath for quantitative IHC
  • Annotations
  • Viewing case details
  • Cell counting
  • Education

Augmented reality is enabling new possibilities in pathology. Learn more about what is possible inside your microscope.

Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality Microscope

Artificial Intelligence (AI) carries many benefits to the pathology workflow. However, without the correct platform, these algorithms will find no inroad within the pathology laboratory.

With augmented reality of the existing microscope, Augmentiqs is the ideal platform for the running of pathology AI algorithms and other digital pathology applications. Cost-conscious labs that don’t make the full transition to WSI will still be able to benefit from the power of digital pathology & artificial intelligence, including computer-assisted diagnosis and other image analysis tools.

Augmentiqs is designed as an Open API system, allowing clinical informatics professionals, AI developers and other digital pathology software providers the ability to create and deploy their own algorithms directly within the microscope.

Learn more about how AI developers can utilize Augmentiqs.

Augmentiqs partnered with AI developer AIRA Matrix to perform the first preclinical study with an AR microscope and AI.

Digital Pathology Platform for the Existing Microscope

Augmentiqs fits easily into the existing pathology microscope, adding the ability for digital functionality without any change to microscope quality and use.

As pathologists use the microscope, they will have the ability to view the same optical view without any augmented reality, or choose to utilize the AR microscope system with a single click of a mouse button.

Augmentiqs is a microscope accessory and is not intended for any diagnostic purpose.

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