augmented reality of the microscope

Augmented Reality of the Microscope

Augmenting the Pathology Workflow

Augmented reality of the optical plane within the existing microscope. Augmentiqs enables the use of morphometrics, advanced cell analysis and access to critical data within the classic pathology workflow. With augmented reality of the microscope, Augmentiqs is allowing pathologists to provide faster, more personalized care.

Upgrade your existing microscope

Augmentiqs transforms your existing microscope into a “smart device”.

An augmented digital layer can be projected on top of the optical plane of the eyepiece and controlled by your computer’s mouse, enabling quick cell analysis and as a quick method for explaining regions of interest in frozen sections.

Augmentiqs can even be placed under the multi-headed scope, providing augmented reality to all users and making it an ideal tool for education and pathology working groups.

Seamless integration.. No change to quality

Augmentiqs integrates seamlessly into all infinity-corrected light microscopes, adding a digital overlay on top of the regular view of the tissue.

When pathologists look through the microscope eyepiece, they will see the same optical plane of the tissue with no degradation of light or optical quality. The augmented reality is a high quality light that is contrasted from the tissue, yet is not viewed at all when the pathologist does not need the toolsets.

Faster workflow

With augmented reality, the pathology workflow has just gotten so much faster. Here is what pathologists are doing with their digital capabilities.

  • Morphometrics
  • Annotations
  • Viewing case details
  • Generating case reports
  • Cell counting
  • Education

Augmented reality is enabling new possibilities in pathology. Learn more about what is possible inside your microscope.

Artificial Intelligence

With augmented reality of the existing microscope, Augmentiqs is the ideal platform for the running of pathology AI algorithms. Labs that don’t make the full transition to WSI will still be able to benefit from the future of pathology.

Learn more about how AI developers can utilize Augmentiqs.

Augmentiqs is a microscope accessory and is not intended for any diagnostic purpose.