We’re Redefining Digital Pathology

The microscope is still the instrument of choice for pathologists. It’s fast, efficient and found on every pathologist’s desk.

The Augmentiqs digital pathology solution embraces & enhances the existing microscope, helping pathologists work more effectively, connect remotely with colleagues and conduct ground-breaking research by providing real-time access to digital pathology software applications directly from the microscope. The result is pathology that’s smarter, faster, and more cost-effective.

Augmentiqs was started with the input of the world’s leading pathologists, and focuses on developing technologies that integrate with and enhance the pathologist’s microscope & workflow.

Augmentiqs ARM integrates into the existing microscope, transforming it into a connected device. Real-time telepathology, augmented reality, high-resolution imaging, artificial intelligence, manual slide scanning, computer-assisted diagnostics and LIS integration are some of the many benefits that Augmentiqs is bringing to pathology labs across the globe.  By bridging a live, online connection between pathologists and the digital health infrastructure, Augmentiqs is enabling better clinical outcomes, reduced costs, and more efficient workflow.

By turning the existing microscope into a smart and connected device, Augmentiqs is redefining the way people think of digital pathology.


Company History

The company was born

Augmentiqs was founded in 2016 by alumni of the digital pathology industry who believed current digital pathology solutions were not adequately meeting the true needs of pathologists in terms of workflow or clinical value, nor was there enough cost-savings to justify the expense of capital equipment.


The concept is formed

The original concept for ARM revolved around augmented reality of the existing microscope, and the ability for pathologists to access computer-assisted diagnostic tools directly inside the microscope eyepiece. 

By performing image analysis directly on optical view of the glass slide, pathologists can work faster and improve clinical excellence, while saving valuable time and money by not scanning the slide.


The product evolves

However, we very quickly realized that the advantages and possibilities of digitizing the microscope extend way beyond computer-assisted diagnosis and augmented reality microscopy. With a slight widening of focus, Augmentiqs has integrated real time telepathology, automatic reporting, AI and slide scanning, making Augmentiqs a robust digital pathology system that could fit the need of every pathologist.


The future is here

Today, Augmentiqs is changing the entire concept of digital pathology by enabling vital toolsets within the classic workflow, including artificial intelligence and open-source computer-assisted diagnosis via an Open API. By creating a digital pathology ecosystem within the existing microscope, Augmentiqs is truly redefining digital pathology.

With an eye towards the future, Augmentiqs is continuing to develop new microscope technologies that will utilize augmented reality and innovative software to enhance the pathology workflow.


Team & Advisors


Gabe Siegal


Gabe Siegel is the CEO and co-founder of Augmentiqs, with a prior background in accounting and marketing for medical device companies.
He is passionate about merging the benefits of digital pathology with all the advantages of classic microscopy.

A. Nyska

Abraham Nyska, DVM

Visiting Professor of Pathology, Consultant Pathologist, Professor TAU

Dr. Nyska has nearly 40 years’ experience in evaluation and pre-clinical risk assessment regarding safety-related toxicologic and experimental pathology. Abraham is a member of the NIH scientific advisory board, having previously worked for 10 years as a scientist at the National Toxicology Program, followed by 8 years as an NTP Consultant. Dr. Nyska consults with global pharma & medical device companies.


Bob Maronpot, DVM

Former Director Experimental Pathology, NIEHS/NIH, Consultant Pathologist

Robert R. Maronpot, DVM, MS, MPH, DACVP, DABT, has significantly influenced the field of toxicologic pathology as a leader, manager, educator, and author. He is internationally recognized and highly respected, having served chief of experimental pathology at the NTP, as president of the Society of Toxicologic Pathology, and as editor-in-chief of its journal, Toxicologic Pathology.

digital pathology sales advisor

Micheal Haimour

Past Director & Executive at Boston Scientific & GE Healthcare

Micheal is a Global Business Executive with a a history of driving results for businesses and customers in world-class organizations including General Electric and Boston Scientific. Micheal had over 20 years of diverse experience with several GE Industrial and Financial Services businesses including GE Healthcare, GE Aviation, GE Capital, and GE Appliances. At Boston Scientific, Micheal built and led consulting services to reduce costs and enhance patient care at healthcare institutions nationwide.


David Hicks, MD

Surgical Pathology, URMC

Dr. Hicks Professor and Director of IHC-ISH Laboratory and Breast Subspecialty Service at URMC. His innovative approaches to improving efficiency and quality in surgical pathology have been highlighted in publications and invited lectures sponsored by national pathology organizations. Dr. Hick’s current clinical translational research interests focus on molecular risk factors for breast cancer and preanalytical variables that affect the accuracy of new diagnostic technology in surgical pathology.


Elisha Bar-Meir

Director, Mor Imaging Group

Dr. Elisha Barmeir is a Professor of Radiology at the Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. He is the Head of the Department of Radiology at Bnai Zion Hospital, Haifa. In addition, Dr. Barmeir is the medical director of MAR and MOR-MAR imaging groups, operating approximately 50 imaging centers throughout Israel.


Haifa, Israel

Rochester, NY, USA


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