By utilizing the Automated Microscope Metadata Collection software module, pathologists are able to seamlessly and automatically collect large datasets of previously unattainable microscope and workflow data. The software stores all images and corresponding metadata in an easy to navigate database with advanced search functionality for future analysis and AI development. 



The Augmentiqs Automated Microscope Metadata Collection software module captures data from the existing pathology workflow, and stores all of the data in an easy to navigate Image Browser. 

Without any change to pathology workflow, the software automatically collects the following data points:

  • Image as JPG, PNG or TIFF
  • Objective magnification
  • Slide label
  • XY Position & heat map of movement
  • Annotations & other image analysis overlay
  • Date
  • Time

The software automates the image and data capture process by triggering the image capture button based on predetermined actions – without any requirement from the user to use the image capture button. These actions which trigger the image and metadata capture are determined by the user, and can include such parameters as switching from a low to high objective, making an annotation or stopping the stage for a certain period of time.

With this novel approach to data capture, the software can provide a score to images based on certain actions, and then it is possible to mine the database for images based on score. The output of the search will include the image and all relevant metadata. 


Video demonstrating the Augmentiqs Image Browser with ability to filter through images, pull up files and corresponding metadata.


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Create custom pathology apps

Medical researchers can take their home-grown pathology applications into the real world by building apps for the Augmentiqs pathology ecosystem. Augmentiqs’ open source framework streamlines the process, making it easy to go live and start earning additional revenues.

The technology that enables AI

Learn how you can use Augmentiqs to generate large datasets of pathology data, and play a role in creating the world’s most effective AI platforms for pathology.

Augmentiqs is also being used for the deployment of AI algorithms directly within the microscope. As of September 2019, Augmentiqs and Aira Matrix have partnered on completing the first preclinical pathology study that utilizes AI algorithms in the microscopic examination.

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Ecosystem Partners

The Augmentiqs ecosystem developers’ kit is available to anyone interested in developing digital pathology software applications. University pathology informatics departments can place their home-grown software for cell mitosis next to those of large corporations, while LIS vendors can enable a seamless integration with the microscope. Even private software developers can create pathology applications and earn revenues from every download.

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