The Automatic Pathology Case Report module allows images, annotations, image analysis overlay and other patient data to be automatically inserted into a case report template. Build the template according to your labs branding. 

SAve time with automatic reporting

Augmentiqs connects the pathologist’s microscope and PC, opening up a wide array of workflow-enhancing solutions. The Automated Pathology Case Report can save the pathologists valuable time for each case by embedding images and other case data directly within a branded case report in open Word format.

Automatically add to your case reports the following case information:

  • Image as JPG, PNG or TIFF
  • Objective magnification
  • Slide label
  • Slide identity information
  • XY Position & heat map of movement
  • Annotations & other image analysis overlay
  • Date
  • Time

Video demonstrating the Automatic Pathology Case Report with ability to perform quantitative analysis, save images, and immediately embed images in the case report.

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