Consults and second opinions directly from your microscope


All the digital pathology tools you need within your field of view



Augmentiqs integrates within the microscope, enabling computer aided diagnostic toolsets and worfklow enhancements.

Trusted by leading pathologists, Augmentiqs is ushering in a new era of Smart Pathology.


Fits Your Microscope

A digital pathology solution that integrates with your existing microscope

Cost Effective

Computer aided diagnostic toolsets bring faster decisions and significant cost savings


Complete Toolsets

Compare digital images with the existing optical view of the tissue and other great features


Interactive Collaboration

Consult with other pathologists in real-time with integrated telepathology


Tumor Board Support

Simplify image presentation, annotations and reporting for your tumor review



Instantly connect with specialists anywhere in the world to review findings


Report Simplicfication

Automatically integrate images directly into the LIS case data report with optional speech to text


Management Tools

Integrate intra-department tools for quality assurance and workflow overview


Augmentiqs is practically solving the challenge of peer review.…
Dr. Abraham Nyska, DVM, Diplomate, ECVP, Fellow IATP

Augmentiqs can act as the ideal solution for real-time peer review and pathology working group applications.
Robert R. Maronpot, DVM, MS, MPH, DACVP, DABT

Impressive technology…
GM Envigo IL

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