cost of digital pathology

The Cost of Digital Pathology is Lower Than Expected

Augmentiqs is a Cost-Efficient Solution for Pathology Labs Going Digital

Augmentiqs keeps the cost of digital pathology low by functioning as a modular hardware platform with integrated digital pathology software applications. Working within the existing microscope, Augmentiqs starts at just $6,700.

The standard Augmentiqs system includes a high resolution, 1 inch sensor, 20 mp digital pathology grade camera with embedded annotation and morphometric software. Augmentiqs fits into any existing infinity-corrected light microscope, without need for C-mount or trinocular lens.

Labs seeking more advanced functionality can add augmented reality of the eyepiece, stage tracking capabilities, artificial intelligence building tools and much more. 

Augmentiqs is serviced by distributors in many locations, and sells directly in others. For specific information regarding sales, distributors and product demos, please contact us by filling out the form below.

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