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digital pathology for clinical laboratories

Digital Pathology for Clinical Laboratories

The future of pathology is in your microscope

Pathologists reach peak efficiency when they have powerful, smart tools located within an eye’s glance. Our technology provides digital pathology for clinical laboratories, helping pathologists work more effectively, connect remotely with colleagues and utilize quantitative diagnostic toolsets.

Augmentiqs in the pathology lab

Augmentiqs enhances the pathology workflow by turning the existing microscope into a “smart” scope.

Via a high-resolution microscope camera, augmenting the optical plane with digital information and tracking of the microscope stage, Augmentiqs allows for faster case work and improved patient care.

By enabling two-way communication between the LIS and microscope, Augmentiqs provides a low-cost digital pathology solution for clinical pathology laboratories.

  • View patient case data
  • Capture and share images
  • Annotate, measure and analyze samples
  • Save diagnostic metadata to LIS

 Learn how Augmentiqs enables the digital transition.


Wherever the physical slide may be located, Augmentiqs allows for quick, high definition & real-time sharing of the microscope.

Healthcare organizations and private labs can use Augmentiqs for second opinions and consultations without any change to capital equipment or workflow, and pathologists can now check in with the office from any location.

An unlimited number of remote participants can annotate and share their opinions on difficult cases, with all markings appearing instantly within the eyepiece.

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Digital Pathology Camera

A high definition camera with a full field of view is the pathologist’s gateway to improved workflow. Share images of frozen sections with the surgeon’s mobile phone, automatically add images to patient reports or perform quantitative IHC tissue analysis in the eyepiece.

Augmentiqs captures only the live field of view with no scanning, making digital pathology easy and cost-effective.

Learn more about the Augmentiqs digital pathology camera.


Pathologists can now take control of the tumor board by showing the tissue in real time, drawing annotations and integrating analytical toolsets.

  • Tumor boards
  • Frozen sections
  • Education
  • Presentations

Whether physically located in the room, or broadcasting from a remote office, Augmentiqs enables pathologists to effectively show other participants the state of the tissue directly from the microscope.

Augmentiqs is a microscope accessory and is not intended for any diagnostic purpose.