Digital Pathology Microscope System

Digital Pathology Microscope System

Augmentiqs is a digital pathology microscope system that fits with and enhances the existing equipment and workflow. It’s low-cost, highly efficient and brings immediate cost-savings & improvements in care.

the Digital Pathology Microscope System

The microscope remains as the most essential tool for diagnostic testing in cancer, genetics and infectious disease. It is found on every pathologist’s desk, offers vision quality that can not be paralleled by any digital device, is easy to use and cost-efficient.  

Augmentiqs connects the pathologist’s microscope with the PC, opening up a channel for multi-directional communication between the computer and microscope via augmented reality of the eyepiece and real-time imaging of the field of view. The digital overlay of the optical view of the specimen provides pathologists instant access to quantitative and morphometric software directly from the microscope and glass slide.

Your Microscope has become your Platform for Digital Pathology

Placed within any existing infinity-corrected light microscope, Augmentiqs maintains normal viewing of the optical plane of the microscope while utilizing an embedded HD camera to capture a live view of the sample’s FOV, and a novel augmented reality system for viewing additional digital information within the microscope eyepiece.

Augmentiqs includes a software suite with annotation software, quantitative analytics, real-time telepathology, automated reporting and more.

Augmentiqs further enhances digital pathology by offering an Open API thru which any digital pathology software can be deployed directly to the microscope – including artificial intelligence.

The combined approach of Augmentiqs provides a complete solution for all the basic – and advanced – technological needs of the pathology workflow.

Augmentiqs is a complete digital pathology microscope system.

  • Real-time Telepathology (consults, peer review, frozen sections)
  • Computer Assisted Diagnostics (cell counting, color segmentation, AI)
  • Augmented reality of the microscope eyepiece
  • Image capture and annotations (Open file format TIFF, PNG)
  • LIS integration
  • More

Augmentiqs provides digital pathology functionality directly from the existing microscope.

Cost Benefits of a Digital Pathology Microscope

Lab managers and business directors are continuously being pressured to improve performance and cut costs.

Current digital pathology systems have been hailed as the one size fits all solution to replace microscope-based diagnosis, yet to date, evidence of improved performance, cost reductions or even better healthcare has yet to be seen.

The scientific literature is complete with papers and studies showing the benefits and needs of digital pathology. Augmentiqs is a microscope based system providing these same digital pathology benefits at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

  • Telepathology, consultations, frozen sections etc..
  • Proficiency testing & quality assurance while decreasing problems associated with the retrieval of glass slides.
  • Eliminating the problems associated with loss of staining quality over time or loose cover slips.
  • Quantitative image analysis (eg, HER2/neu, estrogen receptors, Ki-67).
  • Creating databases of digital images that may be annotated for the creation of AI datasets.
  • Improves pathology education and ensures every student views the same image.

A Fresh Approach to Digital Pathology Microscopy

By turning the existing microscope into a connected device, pathology labs can obtain full digital functionality at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Augmentiqs meets & even surpasses the needs of the pathologists for going digital, provides true cost-saving benefits, new sources of income for business managers and solves the IT challenge by operating on a local system with a low data footprint and high data security.

Augmentiqs outperformed WSI & 3rd ocular cameras for innovation, speed, quality & value.

Augmented reality microscopy with digital image analysis when directly supervised by a human streamlined and hastened the task of assessing the Ki-67 proliferation index in NETs.

Deploying Digital Pathology from the Microscope

  • Maintain microscope routine

  • Real-time collaboration

  • View LIS information

  • Capture and save images to patient files & PC

  • Access to workflow enhancement tools 

  • Access to annotations, morphometrics and computer-assisted diagnostics

  • Low cost solution for digital functionality

  • Enhanced workflow

  • Keep using existing capital equipment (microscope)

  • Secure, local data storage

  • PC-based software

  • Industry-standard data security protocol

  • Digital pathology solution that doesn’t require large servers and advanced storage solutions

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