Augmentiqs Operating Software

Augmentiqs Digital Pathology Operating Software

Augmentiqs comes with an operating software that enables basic digital pathology functionality. Deployed on the pathologist’s PC, it connects the microscope and computer, and enables pathologists to annotate, create morphometric measurements and save digital-pathology grade images directly from the glass slide.

As a holistic platform with a live camera feed that sits within the microscope, Augmentiqs allows pathologists to work the slide and create annotations without the need for digitization. 


The Augmentiqs software is operated from the Pathologist’s PC, connecting the PC and microscope, and allowing the analog microscope to be enhanced with digital capabilities.

The standard software suite, which comes with every Augmentiqs unit, includes the following primary capabilities:

  • annotation and morphometric toolbar,
  • digital-pathology grade image capture, 
  • an internal image database, and
  • system controls for the auxiliary augmented reality and stage camera hardware modules.

With these digital tools located within ARM’s reach, Augmentiqs allows pathologists to perform a wide-range of the most commonly performed digital applications.

Augmentiqs is operated from the existing PC, and requires Windows 7 or higher operating system. Optimum performance is obtained with an i7 processor and sufficient memory.

Augmentiqs enables easy creation and saving of text and morphometric annotations from within the same platform.


Augmentiqs streamlines the creation of morphometric measurements by automatically detecting the current objective magnification, and calibrating the morphometric calculations per each objective.  Pathologists can now create accurate measurements immediately from the glass slide, without any need for image capture, digitization, or system calibration.

  • Supports text in any language
  • Choose from different annotation colors & call-out methods
  • Multiple morphometric measurement styles (i.e., line, rectangle, polygon, circle, freehand)


After creating the annotations and morphometrics, the Augmentiqs software makes image capture and sharing easy by allowing digital-pathology grade images to be saved in open-format TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP directly to Windows Explorer or the software’s own internal image database.

As the Augmentiqs camera is always capturing a live view of the region of interest, pathologists can save annotated images while working the slide in the microscope eyepiece.

  • Save images in open-format TIFF, PNG, JPG, BMP
  • Save images to Windows Explorer or internal image database
  • Images are watermarked with slide data, magnification ID and morphometric toolbar. 


Augmentiqs allows images to be saved to both Windows Explorer, and an internal image database. The advantages of the internal database is that previously captured images can be opened and the pathologist can create additional annotations and morphometrics. 

  • Database naming per toxicologic and clinical pathology applications
  • Images automatically saved per slide data information or date/time settings
  • Ability to integrate barcode reader for automatic slide data entry.

Augmentiqs enables easy creation and saving of text and morphometric annotations from within the same platform.

Augmentiqs includes a morphometric toolbar, database functionality, and workflow enhancing features that are embedded within the software suite

Augmentiqs software enables pathologists to obtain quantitative results in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


The measurement and calculation of a relative necrotic area in a tumor is easily accomplished


Necrotic area, depth and width measurements are accurately completed in seconds.


The calculation of relative area percentage can be completed easily with an ImageJ plugin

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