Augmentiqs Digital Pathology Software Applications

The Future of Pathology is in Your Microscope

Augmentiqs provides an integrated environment for all digital pathology software applications. Connect to your existing LIS, integrate your favorite pathology software applications or develop your own proprietary solutions within your microscope.

Digital Pathology Applications

digital pathology software applications for IHC

QuPath Quantitative IHC

Open-source QuPath for nuclei segmentation and cell counting. QuPath is a computer-assisted diagnostic tool that can be used for IHC and other quantitative samples.

digital pathology telepathology software applications

Real Time Telepathology

Connect with colleagues across the hall or across the globe with a real-time telepathology solution that works directly from the microscope.



Manual Slide Scanning – Microvisioneer

Quickly create whole slide imaging files with integrated Microvisioneer software suite.

imagej pathology software applications

Inspirata DynamyX

 Inspirata’s technical partnership with Augmentiqs serves to integrate the existing microscope into the modern laboratory’s digital infrastructure to see it reemerge as an integral part of any digital strategy.

AI digital pathology applications

AIRA Matrix AI

AIRA Matrix is a world-class developer of pathology image analysis and artificial intelligence. Current existing AIRA algorithms include fatty liver and muscle myopathy.

case reports for digital pathology applications

Automatic Case Report Generation

Automatically populate your lab’s branded case report with annotated images directly from the microscope. 

Work Audit & Recording

This application is used by labs developing their own AI applications. It automatically saves and scores histopathology images based on relevant metadata.

Annotations & Morhpometrics

Inline annotations, morphometric measurements and database functionality allows pathologists to save time and improve their workflow.

LIS Integration

Take your pathology lab digital by connecting your microscope to the LIS. Automatic saving of data to patient records and review of comparable images are just the beginning of what Augmentiqs enables.

XY Slide Tracking

Track the movement of the slide on the stage with absolute precision while also correlating slide label with the histopathology image.


Augmentiqs is a microscope accessory and is not intended for any diagnostic purpose.