The Future of Pathology

The Future of Pathology

is inside your Existing Microscope


Augmentiqs integrates within YOUR microscope, enabling pathologists to work faster and smarter.

Trusted by pathologists, hospitals and labs, Augmentiqs is ushering in a new era of Smart Pathology.

Clinical Pathology

Learn what Augmentiqs can do for workflow

Toxicologic Pathology

Real time telepathology is online peer review

Medical Schools

See the future of teaching pathology students


Learn what Augmentiqs can do for your practice

Workflow Enhancement

Real time telepathology is changing your peer review

Choose Your Tools

The most effective add-on for teaching pathology students


Do more with your microscope with the best tool

Introducing Augmentiqs PPACS

  • Part Camera
  • Part Computer
  • 100% Amazing

Augmentiqs PPACS (Pathology Picture Archiving and Communication System), is the link between your microscope, LIS and colleagues. Conduct real time telepathology and consults, save images to your LIS and automatically create reports.

Evolutionize Your Microscope

Augmented Microscopy


Second Opinions

Pathology Working Groups

Online Peer Review

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The first digital pathology eco-system inside your microscope eyepiece. Choose from the widest range of pathology toolsets and software.

Augmented Microscopy

Find out what is waiting for you inside your microscope

Augmentiqs is practically solving the challenge of peer review.…
Dr. Abraham Nyska, DVM, Diplomate, ECVP, Fellow IATP

Augmentiqs can act as the ideal solution for real-time peer review and pathology working group applications.
Robert R. Maronpot, DVM, MS, MPH, DACVP, DABT

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen!
Jerry Hardisty, DVM, Diplomate ACVP, Fellow IATP

Augmentiqs offers a smart combination of well established technologies. We will look for those consultants and CROs which have Augmentiqs, and that would make our life as a sponsor easier.

Enrico Vezzali, Pathology, Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Impressive technology…
GM Envigo IL

Consults and Second Opinions

Remote viewing of the microscope has never been so easy. 

For digital pathology vendors, software developers and pathology informatics departments.

Place your digital pathology SW in the world’s only microscope-based platform for all pathology and lab software.

It’s the Same Microscope… that DOES MORE

Augmentiqs is evolutionizing the microscope to the most logical place.

Augmented Microscopy

Work faster by integrating computer aided morphometric tools within your microscope eyepiece


Field of View

The Augmentiqs camera captures a 1:1 field of view as seen within the microscope eyepiece. What you see… is what they see.


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