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digital pathology

Low-Cost Digital Pathology

The future of digital pathology is in your microscope

Augmentiqs is a low cost digital pathology solution that enables labs to benefit from digital capabilities without any change to existing capital equipment. Seamless integrated connections and open-source solutions to 3rd party pathology vendors help enhance diagnostic confidence while improving efficiency and enriching medical education. Make the smart transition to digital pathology.

Fresh approach to digital pathology

Digital pathology has traditionally been associated with Whole Slide Imaging (WSI).

Augmentiqs offers a fresh approach, making the transition to digital pathology easy and affordable. Instead of scanning slides, pathologists can continue to work in the most efficient manner with the widest array of digital toolsets available. 


Augmentiqs opens up low cost digital pathology by enabling multi-directional communication between the microscope and LIS. Pathology labs can now automatically collect selected data from the microscope for image retrieval and collaboration with other stakeholders while allowing the pathologist to view relevant case data directly inside the microscope.

Low Cost Digital Pathology Communication

By integrating a camera and augmented reality within the existing microscope, Augmentiqs enables two-way communication between the microscope and Laboratory Information System (LIS).

By turning one of the most central, yet still analog, diagnostic devices into a connected platform, we are able to make significant leaps in healthcare.

  • Associate specific samples with date, time and pathologist
  • View slide label with tissue during telepathology sessions
  • View patient data within microscope eyepiece

The possibilities are endless. Contact us to learn more.

Image capture & analysis

Augmentiqs utilizes a wide-field image sensor to provide pathologists with a comparable image to what is viewed in the eyepiece. These images can be automatically integrated within your case reports, or sent to colleagues or surgeons for a quick review on their cell phone.

And as Augmentiqs knows how important collaboration is to your practice, images are saved as standard format which can be utilized by your existing digital pathology software tools.

Why Augmentiqs does not scan slides

Along with the clear benefits of WSI for saving entire sections, WSI is characterized by the following points which do not lend well for real-time telepathology and other digital functionalities:

  • Long scan time
  • Digitally heavy files are not easily transferred to remote parties
  • Typically represents a single flat plane of focus
  • Viewing is generally done as a single user
  • High capital expense
  • Ongoing maintenance costs
  • Scans may be considered raw data

Read a pubmed article on the challenges of WSI integration in the clinical workflow.


Digital Pathology Education

Imagine a virtual multi-headed microscope where all students have access to annotate, measure and “control the slide”. Or visiting professors who never have to actually visit the classroom.
Expand learning possibilities with a state-of-the-art augmented reality within the microscope eyepiece, or practical tests performed in the microscope.

The time has come to develop a collaborative environment for students and pathologists, and create a true evolution in pathology education.

Learn more about Augmentiqs in the classroom.

How Augmentiqs Compares to Other Digital Solutions

Augmentiqs 3rd ocular camera WSI
Field of view Equal to eyepiece 1/3 of eyepiece Entire slide
Multi-directional communication Yes No Application dependent
Deploy quantitative software Yes No Yes
Capital Expense Low Low High
Augmented Reality Yes No No
Real-time Telepathology Yes No No