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manual slide scanning software

Manual Slide Scanning Software

Augmentiqs enables manual slide scanning directly from the microscope with integrated Microvisioneer software. With manual scanning, Augmentiqs completes all possible digital pathology needs, providing a complete one-stop solution for pathologists.



As opposed to single slide scanning systems or even 3rd ocular cameras with scanning software, Augmentiqs with integrated Microvisioneer software offers significant advantages to labs seeking occasional scanning capabilities.

By integrating Microvisioneer software, Augmentiqs completes the entire ecosystem of digital pathology software capabilities within the existing microscope, allowing pathologists to save valuable time and money.


Advantages to Using Augmentiqs with Microvisioneer Manual Scanning Software

In addition to the cost savings of utilizing the existing microscope, there are several unique features within Augmentiqs that makes it the ideal system also for manual scanning.

1) stage camera

Successful use of scanning software is significantly assisted by use of the Augmentiqs Stage Camera. In addition to the image registration being performed by the Microvisioneer software, the Stage Camera is also tracking the XY movement of the slide on the stage, and assists the Microvisioneer software in proper stitching of the whole slide.

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2) Augmentiqs camera

The wide field of view which is captured by the Augmentiqs camera cuts down scanning time by as much as 50%. As opposed to typical 3rd ocular cameras that capture a coned-in field of view, the Augmentiqs camera is capturing an image which is essentially identical to the view of the microscope eyepiece. 

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