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microscope annotation software

Microscope Annotation Software suite

Augmentiqs is a combined solution for histopathology imaging and microscope annotation software; including calibrated morphometric measurements. As a combined platform that sits within the existing microscope, Augmentiqs makes capturing and saving images with full annotations quick, easy and cost-efficient.

Augmentiqs as a Platform for Histopathology Imaging and Annotations

Connecting the existing microscope to the pathologist’s PC, Augmentiqs includes an annotation and imaging software suite that enables pathologists to easily create inline annotations & morphometric measurements – all according to their style and preference.

  • Supports text in any language
  • Choose from different colors & call-out methods
  • Multiple measurement styles

After creating the annotations, Augmentiqs software makes image capture and sharing easy by including database management and real-time sharing – all within the same software suite.

MICROSCOPE ANNOTATION SOFTWARE THAT allows pathologists to work faster

As a complete platform for pathology workflow enhancement, Augmentiqs is much more than just a camera and annotation software.

Auxiliary hardware components optimize the workflow via automatic detection and software automation.

  1. Automatic detection of objective magnification & morphometric calibration.
  2. Correlating slide label data with image of tissue.
  3. Database management and filter tools, with each image saved according to case data and metadata.
  4. Augmented reality of eyepiece for viewing of annotations directly within the microscope.

microscope annotation software augmentiqs

Augmentiqs enables easy creation and saving of text and morphometric annotations from within the same platform.

annotation and morphometric microscopy software

Augmentiqs includes a morphometric toolbar that is embedded within the microscope annotation software suite

quantitative  pathology software on an open platform

Augmentiqs allows users to integrate their preferred quantitative software directly within the system as a plugin. The Open API structure combined with the platform concept, enables a wide-range of applications in a single-click environment.

Augmentiqs currently supports ImageJ, QuPath and AIRA Matrix algorithms, yet is designed for deploying any quantitative software directly from the microscope.


Advanced quantitative analysis from any 3rd party can be utilized within the Augmentiqs imaging software platform.

qupath deployed directly IN your microscope WITH ANNOTATION SOFTWARE

By integrating QuPath within the microscope, Augmentiqs opens up the possibility for quantitative IHC analysis of breast tissue samples ER/PR, Ki67 and Her2/neu. 

Augmentiqs with QuPath can potentially be used to increase lab reimbursement by utilizing computer-assisted diagnostic tools directly within the microscope. 


Augmentiqs allows access to QuPath nuclei segmentation directly within the microscope image software.

Augmentiqs imaging software enables pathologists to get the most accurate pathology data in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 


The measurement and calculation of a relative necrotic area in a tumor is easily accomplished


Necrotic area, depth and width measurements are accurately completed in seconds.


The calculation of relative area percentage can be completed easily with an ImageJ plugin

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