Microscope Camera Field of View

Microscope Camera Field of View in Digital Pathology

The microscope camera field of view plays a critical role in digital pathology. Augmentiqs is a pathology workflow enhancement tool with embedded microscope camera that captures an image nearly identical to the view from the eyepiece. The high-resolution camera includes a suite of software applications that enables pathologists to annotate, create morphometric measurements, perform advanced analytics with 3rd party software applications, real-time telepathology and automatically save images to their PC.

Augmentiqs Microscope Camera – A Field of View for Digital Pathology 

Augmentiqs is a plug & play microscope imaging system that is easily placed into the existing infinity-corrected light microscope of any manufacturer. Without any need for C-mount or trinocular head, the Augmentiqs camera captures a live view of the sample as seen within the microscope eyepiece, while also enabling in-line annotations and morphometrics.

All images are easily saved on the pathologist’s PC in open format.

  • Fast installation and calibration
  • No need for C-mount or trinocular head
  • Fits existing microscope
  • Images saved on PC
  • TIFF, PNG, JPG formats

The placement of Augmentiqs in the accessory port of the micrsocope enables instant image capture with no need for beam splitter adjustment. The unique optical setup results in virtually no noticeable change to eyepiece lumination, while providing a field of view comparable to the view of the microscope eyepiece.

Augmentiqs also includes an optional augmented reality of the eyepiece module and an auxiliary stage informatics camera that further enhances pathology imaging workflow.

  • Automatic detection of slide label
  • Real-time tracking of XY positioning
  • Automatic detection of microscope objective
  • View annotations on screen or in eyepiece

Augmentiqs integrates within the existing microscope. The camera field of view is designed for the needs of digital pathology applications.


Augmentiqs is operated from your existing 64-bit PC.

Recommended system requirements for all applications: PC Windows 7 or higher, 64-bit, i7-6770HQ or more (4 cores, 8 threads), RAM 8GB, HDD 100GB

annotate and morphometrics on a full field of view within the microscope

The Augmentiqs microscope camera is uniquely positioned in the optical path to capture a field of view that is nearly identical to the view within the microscope eyepiece.

Without any need for C-mounts or trinocular head, Augmentiqs is a complete imaging and microscope annotation software solution that is uniquely suited for the needs of the pathology lab.

A nearly full field of view captured by the Augmentiqs microscope camera enables more functionality


Augmentiqs enables pathologists to instantly share the live field of view directly from the microscope. Remote viewers located across the globe can connect to the microscope in a secure telepathology session. Images can be saved during the telepathology session directly to the user’s PC, with each image including the annotation overlay, relevant case data, slide information and more. 

The combined hardware/software telepathology and tissue imaging solution makes Augmentiqs ideal for frozen sections, tumor boards and other pathology collaboration efforts.

For more information on telepathology, click here.

Augmentiqs allows users to easily share microscope annotations and measurements via real-time telepathology.

automatic microscope image capture and database

By utilizing a combined imaging and software solution, pathologists are now able to automatically save images without any need for pressing the image capture button. 

Pre-set parameters can be established to save images according to different actions, allowing a database to be created of images captured during routine workflow. 

A unique database search tool allows users to filter the image library according to multiple parameters such as date, annotations, magnification, score and more.

Automatic image capture and library allows pathologists to capture large datasets while piggybacking off the existing workflow.

microscope camera that works with your pathology data

The Augmentiqs camera and imaging data can access any pathology software for real-time image analysis using the software application of choice. 

Augmentiqs has integrated QuPath software for nuclei counting, in addition to advanced artificial intelligence developed by Aira Matrix.

Augmentiqs camera can be used with any imaging analytic software to provide real-time analysis of microscope imaging.

Augmentiqs imaging software enables pathologists to get the most accurate pathology data in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 

The measurement and calculation of a relative necrotic area in a tumor is easily accomplished

Necrotic area, depth and width measurements are accurately completed in seconds.

The calculation of relative area percentage can be completed easily with an ImageJ plugin

Large Field of View Micoscope Camera Advantages:

  • No need for C-mount or trinocular head
  • Open source files, publication grade images (TIFF, PNG, JPG)
  • Images saved directly to PC
  • Always ready for image capture (no need for adjusting beam splitter)
  • Annotation software included as digital overaly
  • Real time telepathology & collaboration software
  • Automatic objective detection & morphometric calibration

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