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Microscope Stage Tracking Technology

By attaching the Auxiliary Stage Camera to the Augmentiqs system, pathologists are able to automate processes and gain access to previously unobtainable metadata from the microscope workflow which can be used for education, informatics, AI development and other novel applications.



The Augmentiqs stage tracking camera is a modular & optional add-on component that is connected to the back side of the primary Augmentiqs system. Without in any way hindering pathologist hand movement, the camera performs real-time tracking of the microscope stage.

The stage camera faces the microscope stage, capturing a real-time view of the objective magnification and slide, allowing the software to automatically calibrate morphometrics and white balance per objective, and correlating the slide label and XY position of the slide with each histopathology image.

The result is a pathology workflow that is faster, while for the first time allowing pathologists to include slide data with each pathology image and case report. 


Simple Modular Hardware – 3 Amazing Software Capabilities

The stage camera is an easily installed modular component of the Augmentiqs system.

1) Automatic objective detection

Recognition of the objective magnification enables the Augmentiqs software to perform automatically calibrate the morphometric measurements and white balance per each objective. The result is imaging and image analysis capabilities which are always ready for use – with no need for ongoing manual calibration. 

2) slide label*

The stage camera provides a continuous feed of the slide label, allowing the software to correlate each histopathology image with the actual slide. When used in connection with a LIS, the camera can identify the slide and automatically pull up relevant case data for the pathologist.

3) xy slide position*

For the first time, it is now possible to digitally identify the exact location on the slide where the relevant regions of interest are located. This software has multiple use cases, including AI training, pathology informatics research, education, correlation with WSI files, and more.

* Slide Label and XY Slide Position only function when microscope is used with a stage clip.