Microscope Telepathology System Comparison

Microscope Telepathology System Comparison

When conducting a microscope telepathology system comparison, the key factors to consider are quality, cost and ease of use.

Augmentiqs is a digital pathology platform with embedded camera and real-time telepathology capabilities. Designed as a microscope based system, it’s affordable, easy to use, and easily integrated to the existing microscope and workflow. In comparison to other technologies, Augmentiqs is a complete hardware and software package that includes a high-resolution microscope camera with embedded software for real time consultations with annotative, morphometric and quantitative features. The Augmentiqs microscope camera captures full field of view images , and enables pathologists to instantly share and consult with colleagues via secure communications, as well as sending images to cell phones and intuitive email links – all directly from the microscope.

Sharing Images for Digital Pathology Applications

Augmentiqs is a modular imaging and connectivity platform that fits within the pathologists existing microscope – connecting it with the PC and outside world.

Working with any microscope brand or model, Augmentiqs allows pathologists to instantly capture and share images with colleagues across the globe, while integrating digital pathology software that enhance workflow speed and quality. 

  • Modular system for any light microscope, can include augmented reality
  • Digital pathology software (annotations, morphometrics, quantitative analysis, more)
  • Save and share images in open format (TIFF, JPG, PNG)
  • Full field of view
  • Unlimited number of remote participants
  • Secure telepathology communications

By integrating within the existing microscope’s optical path, Augmentiqs is a plug and play solution that enables full digital pathology image sharing – in an affordable and easy to integrate package.

Augmentiqs enables multi-directional digital pathology image sharing directly from the microscope

Augmentiqs is an affordable digital pathology image sharing solution that enables real-time telepathology PC and smart phone consultations

Microscope Telepathology System Comparison Chart 

In Comparison to Other Microscope Telepathology Systems, Augmentiqs is more Workflow Oriented and Cost Efficient. 

Augmentiqs enables multi-directional communication between the pathologist’s PC and microscope with remote viewers. By utilizing the microscope and PC, Augmentiqs allows pathologist to collaborate in real time, reducing costs & improving efficiency.

And as Augmentiqs does not scan the slide, but rather transfers only the region of interest as seen within the microscope eyepiece, Augmentiqs is a HIPPA compliant solution that commands a low data footprint.

  • Utilize your lab’s existing capital equipment with no need for C-mount, trinocular head, or complex integration
  • Perform telepathology from the pathologist’s microscope and PC
  • Combined hardware/software piece provides entire digital solution
  • Fits existing IT infrastructure with low bandwidth requirement

Comparison of Microscope Telepathology Systems:

  • Fits existing microscope with no need for C-mount or trinocular head
  • Open source files, publication grade images (TIFF, PNG, JPG)
  • Images saved directly to PC
  • Full field of view
  • Annotation software included as digital overaly
  • Unlimited number of viewers
  • Secure communication protocol

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