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online collaboration for toxicologic pathology

Online Collaboration for Toxicologic Pathology

The Path to a Fast ROI

Augmentiqs is being used to reduce the costs of investigative & regulated preclinical studies by enabling faster & more informed clinical decisions.

Trusted by CROs, sponsors and consultant pathologists seeking a quick and effective method for sharing slides, Augmentiqs is the tool of choice for real-time collaboration. Pathologists can now perform a GLP-compliant peer review across the globe, allow sponsors to view the findings of their investigative studies as they happen and meet in virtual pathology working groups from the comfort of their own office.

Augmentiqs outperformed WSI & 3rd ocular cameras for innovation, speed, quality & value.
Dan Rudmann

Senior Veterinary Pathologist, Charles River Laboratories

Learn how Charles River Laboratories is using Augmentiqs as part of their digital pathology strategy for online peer review and pathology consultation.


Online peer review and pathology working groups are now possible with Augmentiqs.

Download an important update concerning the use of Augmentiqs for GLP peer review.

Download a peer reviewed article from the Journal of Toxicologic Pathology to learn how Augmentiqs is streamlining the path towards new drug approval.


Upon completion of the slide review, one peer review pathologist prepared a document titled “Peer Review Notes Using Live Telepathology Technology”.
Download a sample document to view the peer review procedure and included representative photomicrographs of the slides.


CROs have seen a dramatic increase in the number of pathologists working from home offices. Augmentiqs supports this upward trend with an effective and cost-efficient link between the CRO office, sponsor and the pathologist working miles away.

CROs integrating Augmentiqs for their remote pathologists are projected to see a 150% ROI in year one, and a 1500% ROI by the second year.

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cost savings of online peer review

Pathology evaluation is the limiting step in advancing toxicological studies.

While sponsor & CRO pathologists frequently consult, in the event of disagreement, the pathologists must meet to see the slide together and discuss the findings.

Today, the most frequently used method is to fly to the other pathologist or ship the slides – both are costly & time consuming.
Reduction in Lost Resources:

  • Shorten the length of study
  • Faster time to market
  • Pathologist’s time
  • Travel expense
  • Shipping and logistics

Download a presentation to learn more about ROI.


For the majority of toxicologic pathologists who still enjoy working fast and looking at the glass, there has never been an innovation that so dramatically improves the microscope without altering the optics. Augmentiqs fits into the accessory port of the pathologist’s existing microscope, while its integrated camera captures a high-definition full field of view that can be shared with an unlimited number of remote parties, in real time.

Pathologists continue to view the optical plane of the slide, but now have instant access to insight from colleagues as well as to the most extensive digital pathology toolbox to help get more done.

  • Morphometrics
  • Annotations
  • Viewing case details
  • Generating case reports
  • Cell counting

Read what toxicologic pathologists and sponsors are saying about Augmentiqs.

Augmentiqs is a microscope accessory and is not intended for any diagnostic purpose.