Pathology AI & Image Analysis Software

Augmentiqs provides pathology labs a simple and low-barrier entry point to the potential of AI & image analysis software. Without scanning or slide digitization, pathologists can perform quantitative analysis directly from the microscope and glass slide. 

Similar in concept to a smart phone and app store, Augmentiqs allows pathologists to choose the AI vendors of their preference, and utilize their algorithms within their microscope-based worklfow.


Augmentiqs allows users to integrate and deploy their preferred artificial intelligence and image analysis software directly within the microscope as a single-click plugin without the need for first imaging, scanning or digitizing the slide.

The Open API structure unique to Augmentiqs, combined with the platform concept, currently supports ImageJQuPath, Mindpeak, and AIRA Matrix algorithms, yet is designed for deploying any AI or  imaging analysis application directly from the microscope.


By integrating image analysis software within the microscope, Augmentiqs opens up the possibility for enhanced clinical results and even increased reimbursement for quantitative IHC analysis such as breast tissue samples ER/PR, Ki67 and Her2/neu. 


“As the overwhelming majority of pathologists in the world still have a microscope on their desk, Augmentiqs is the ideal solution for merging next-generation technologies with the existing lab infrastructure.

Augmentiqs seeks to augment the workflow and capabilities of the pathologist with digital tools when needed by the pathologist. The on-demand and augmenting approach is ideal, as most AI algorithms still can’t provide a reliable answer in difficult cases, and aren’t necessary in easy cases.

For example, very few AI algorithms will consistently help in a case of breast cancer with extensive DCIS and only a small area of micro invasions. Similarly, when a pathologist looks at a prostate cancer, there are algorithms that are quite good at detecting, diagnosing & grading.

Yet unlike AI, pathologist are ready for any rare variant that comes along the way, or to diagnose not just carcinoma but other features in that case like background granulomas.

With all the advantages that AI can bring, it is still a very narrow solution. Augmentiqs adds the pathologist to the equation, letting the pathologist find the invasion and then deploy the AI. “

Dr. Liron Pantanowitz


The licensing model varies per AI vendor. Please contact Augmentiqs for AI pricing information.

ImageJ and QuPath algorithms are included in the Advanced Augmentiqs software package with telepathology, case reports and automated image capture.

Mindpeak AI

Mindpeak offers a complete breast cancer panel including Ki-67, ER/PR, and HER2/neu. The AI developer will soon be releasing PD-L1 and other quantitative IHC algorithms. 

Mindpeak algorithms have been deployed within Augmentiqs systems throughout the globe. For more information on Mindpeak, visit their website at

Ki-67 image

Mindpeak AI algorithms

AIRA Matrix

AIRA Matrix has been the subject of multiple clinical studies with Augmentiqs.

AIRA offers a wide range of algorithms, and works with their clients in developing unique AI solutions. For more information on Aira Matrix, visit their website at

Fatty liver image

AIRA Matrix AI algorithms

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