Pathology AI Platform


A platform for AI training and deployment

Augmentiqs is used by developers of pathology artificial intelligence for collecting annotated data directly from the microscope, and as a platform for deploying AI algorithms in the microscope.

Augmentiq’s unique placement close to the microscope stage makes it the ideal tool for training Deep Neural Networks. Augmentiq’s integrated camera records data while the pathologists perform their normal work routine. An auxiliary stage camera tracks metadata including precise XY slide coordinates which can be synchronized with WSI files.

The system’s Open-API and augmented reality of the microscope eyepiece enables deployment of any AI algorithm directly within the live microscopy workflow.

A paradigm shift in how data is harvested

For AI developers, the current method of scanning slides upon which to build datasets is expensive, time consuming, and above all, severely limited in regards to the surrounding metadata.

Augmentiqs developed a patent-pending method of collecting data that operates while the pathologist works. Based upon actions performed by the pathologist, images are collected and given a score which can then be fed into the algorithm.

By using Augmentiqs to harvest data, developers can quickly and cost-efficiently have access to the largest and most high-quality data sets of pathology images and corresponding metadata.


Augmentiqs offers an optional add-on module for tracking XY movement of the slide on the stage to within a 40 micron tolerance – allowing AI developers to sync the exact region of interest on the slide with the corresponding areas in the WSI scan.

This data can be sync’d with real-time full-resolution histopathology imaging, current magnification and annotations; providing a complete dataset for pathology AI training.


Output of the data can be obtained as a heatmap, CSV or other formats.


Augmentiqs works with AI developers on integrating their algorithms within the Augmentiqs hardware.

As of September 2019, Augmentiqs and Aira Matrix have successfully deployed the first use of AI algorithms in the microscope for a nonclinical study.

Data commercialization

For laboratories looking to commercialize their existing workflow, Augmentiqs is a HIPPA compliant method for collecting mass amounts of data during the routine pathology workflow. Augmentiqs operates without any interruption to the current pathology routine, recording data that can be commercialized with pathology AI vendors.

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An AUGMENTED REALITY microscope for running your AI algorithmS

Augmentiqs is integrated within the microscope, and includes high-resolution image capture, stage tracking information and a digital overlay within the existing microscope eyepiece.

Augmentiqs is the ideal platform for bridging the microscope with WSI, collecting large datasets, and the eventual deployment of AI in labs that will not make the transition to WSI.


Augmentiqs has created a digital pathology ecosystem that supports a wide range of pathology software within the existing microscope.

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