Generating data that changes pathology

Augmentiqs transforms the analog microscope into a fully digital tool, acting as a complete pathology informatics platform from which professionals and bio-informatics departments can glean new information from the microscope. PI researchers and AI developers are using Augmentiqs to study methodologies of diagnosis, the differences in glass versus screen perception and methods for building enhanced AI datasets. Join the ranks of the world’s leading pathology informatics and AI developers.


Augmentiqs enables you to capture not just the image, but rather everything that happens on the microscope.

Augmentiqs allows you to track real-time XY positioning of the slide on the stage, correlate the slide label with the image of the tissue, and automatically calibrate the objective with the morphometric tools.

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A paradigm shift in how data is harvested

Augmentiqs developed a patent-pending method of collecting data that operates while the pathologist works. Based upon actions performed by the pathologist, images are collected that is correlated with stage and microscope activity

By using Augmentiqs to harvest data, developers can quickly and cost-efficiently have access to the largest and most high-quality data sets of pathology images and corresponding metadata.


Augmentiqs works closely with labs on applying for relevant SBIRs in the field of informatics & telepathology.

If your institution is seeking innovative technologies for ground-breaking research, Augmentiqs is your partner.

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The first pathology informatics platform

Augmentiqs is placed into the existing microscope, offering high-resolution image capture, stage tracking information and a digital overlay within the existing microscope eyepiece.

Augmentiqs is the ideal platform for bringing digital pathology to the analaog microscope.


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AI –  it’s all about quality data

Hundreds of teams across the globe are working on building AI algorithms for pathology.

Augmentiqs is helping the best of these groups generate the most valuable data. By sitting within the microscope of the working pathologist, we’re able to collect relevant and annotated data, automatically ranked and scored according to pathologist activity.

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Augmentiqs tracks XY movement of the slide on the stage to within a 40 micron toleragnce, allowing AI developers to sync the exact region of interest on the slide with the corresponding areas in the WSI scan. This data can be sync’d with real-time full-resolution histopathology imaging, current magnification and annotations; providing a complete dataset for pathology AI training.


Output of the data can be obtained as a heatmap, CSV or other formats.

Watch the demo below of XY tracking.


Augmentiqs is a microscope accessory and is not intended for any diagnostic purpose.


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