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pathology workflow enhancement

Pathology Workflow Enhancement Tools

Everything you need to work faster

By integrating pathology workflow enhancement tools within the existing microscope, Augmentiqs transforms even the simplest microscope into a smart device. Augmentiqs enables pathologists to work faster, more efficiently and reach better clinical outcomes. 

Find out how pathologists are doing more with fewer resources.

Real-Time Telepathology

Augmentiqs offers the most advanced solution for real-time telepathology.

Instantly share the live field of view with an unlimited number of remote parties, all of whom can annotate and save images directly to their PC.

Augmentiqs is ideal for frozen sections, tumor boards, pathology working groups, online peer review and education.

Learn more about Augmentiqs real-time telepathology solution. 


microscope annotation software augmentiqs

Augmentiqs enables real-time sharing of the live microscope image with an unlimited number of remote viewers.


Augmentiqs provides all the morphometric tools as an embedded feature within the microscope annotation software suite

imaging, Annotations & database

Augmentiqs allows pathologists to save time by providing a full suite of annotation, morphometric and advanced image analysis software as part of the imaging platform. All images with overlayed data are saved to the PC.

  1. A single platform for imaging, annotations and database management
  2. Supports any pathology imaging software directly from microscope
  3. The only annotation software with multi-directional collaboration.
  4. Automatic objective calibration saves time and reduces confusion.

SMS for quick consults

Send images of the tissue to a colleague’s cell phone directly from the microscope stage. Annotated images arrive instantly to SMS, making it one of the ideal tools for quick examination of frozen sections and remote consults.




Quick consults are now possible by sending annotated images to any cell phone directly from the microscope.


Augmentiqs can connect the microscope with LIS, allowing all stakeholders access to critical health data

Open api keeps you connected

Augmentiqs is based on an Open-API, allowing labs to connect just about any software directly to the microscope. With Augmentiqs, it’s now possible to connect the microscope workflow to the LIS, enabling real-time data transfer which can improve overall operations.

  1. Save histopathology images directly to patient file
  2. Verify and correlate slide information with image
  3. Create and save all metadata associated with diagnosis


Increase case throughput by automating the pathology case report.

Augmentiqs enables pathologists to capture high-resolution images directly from the microscope, and automatically embed the chosen images into pathology reports customized for the lab.




Pathology case reports, branded for the individual lab, are automatically created and embedded with histopathology images.

Augmentiqs is committed to helping pathologists work faster.

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Augmentiqs is a Class 1 exempt microscope accessory. It is not intended for diagnostic use.