Privacy Policy

At Augmentiqs, we understand that your data security is of top importance. Protecting the data and communications of the people who make our business possible is one way of ensuring ongoing goodwill, and is therefore vital to our ongoing business success.

What information do we collect?

By downloading or using the Augmentiqs Software, Augmentiqs will collect your personal name, IP address, email and cell phone number. The purpose of this is to ensure data security by performing two-factor authentication.

Augmentiqs collects telepathology metadata such as time, length and call participants.

What information is not collected?

Augmentiqs does not collect data including images, annotations and/or other data created or viewed during the telepathology session.The telepathology session is conducted via a secure direct network that no outside party has access to.

Who has access to my personal information?

Augmentiqs is the only party that will have access to your personal information from downloading or using the Augmentiqs Software. Augmentiqs will not transfer personal details to a client or any third party without the consent of the individual the details relate to.

Augmentiqs will never sell personal information to marketing companies for direct marketing or any other purposes.

Further information

All general queries, concerns or complaints should be directed to our office.


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