Digital Pathology System for the Microscope


By combining the simplicity of the existing microscope, the power of the computer, and the intricate details of the human-machine interface, Augmentiqs is evolutionizing digital microscopy and the entire toxicologic pathology workflow.

For the first time, pathologists can now share their microscope in real time with off-site viewers. In addition, pathologists can now view the optical plane of the tissue specimen through the eyepiece, while at the same time being provided a digital view of other relevant information, such as an image of a comparable specimen or morphometric measuring tools…all inside the existing microscope eyepiece.


Pathologist Image


Augmentiqs bridges legacy microscopes with modern telepathology toolsets and highly secured communication capabilities.


Key Benefits

  • Fits Your Workflow and Microscope: Digital microscopy that retrofits onto your existing microscope, making it truly cost-effective, intuitive and easy to use
  • No Scanning: Augmentiqs allows remote viewers to see the live microscope field of view without scanning the entire slide
  • Cost Savings: Reduces travel costs and shipment times and enables pathologists to reach critical decisions faster with real-time peer review
  • Collaboration: Enables collaboration with colleagues in real time with diagnostic-quality images and 2-directional on-screen annotations
  • Annotations: Provides digital toolsets that fit the workflow and enhance the collaboration process
  • Data Security: Augmentiqs is a fully secured and OECD GLP and peer-review compliant telepathology solution

It’s the Same Microscope… that DOES MORE

Augmentiqs is evolutionizing your microscope.


Augmented Digital Microscopy

Work faster by integrating a user interface with computer aided morphometric tools within your microscope eyepiece



Wildest Field of View on the Market

The Augmentiqs camera captures a nearly 1:1 field of view as seen within the microscope eyepiece. What you see… is what they see.


The Augmentiqs Advantage
 Augmentiqs3rd ocular cameraWhole Slide Imaging
Capital Expenditure$$$$
Ongoing Costs$$$$
QA/GLPNo Raw DataNo Raw DataCreates Raw Data
Existing MicroscopeKeep itKeep itThrow it away
Real Time TelepathologyYesNoNo
Field of ViewEqual to ocular viewNarrowEntire slide
WorkflowEnhances WorkflowSlows Down WorkflowSlows Down Workflow
Augmented MicroscopyYesNoNo


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