digital microscopy


The future of pathology is in your microscope

Augmentiqs integrates seamlessly into existing microscopes, allowing pathologists to work faster, collaborate in real-time, and reach better healthcare decisions.

Containing a high resolution camera and projecting augmented-reality within the ocular view, it enables two-way communication between the microscope and PC while maintaining the same optical quality of the microscope.

With the ability to access pathology software directly from the microscope, Augmentiqs is introducing a new standard in collaboration, workflow efficiency and clinical accuracy.

A familiar interface

Augmentiqs is designed and built for the existing workflow, enabling immediate integration of digital pathology toolsets to any infinity-corrected light microscope.

Pathologists work best with the microscope, and with Augmentiqs, the best has gotten even better.

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Platform for Vendors & SW developers

Augmentiqs is designed to work with all pathology software vendors. Universities, corporations, AI, LIS and private developers can all integrate their products within the Augmentiqs digital pathology ecosystem. The Augmentiqs developer kit makes integration easy and opens up pathology software to a wide group of potential users.

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Augmented reality within the microscope

Augmentiqs high-resolution digital overlay enables pathologists to perform a wide array of functions- all from the microscope eyepiece and still viewing the same optical plane of the tissue.

Perform annotations, morphometrics and advanced cell analysis, or integrate your existing pathology software within your microscope workflow. When performing a telepathology session, view annotations & comments made by remote parties without ever lifting your eyes.

  • Overlay Kappa/Lambda in eyepiece
  • Utilize Image J and other pathology software
  • View morphometrics, case data, annotations

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A camera that sees more

The Augmentiqs camera offers the widest field of view, capturing a nearly identical image to what is viewed in the eyepiece.

Without any need for scanning, C-mounts or a trinocular lens, pathologists can annotate, save and instantly share a high quality image of the region of interest.

Images taken via Augmentiqs come as a standard jpg, tiff or png.

The camera extends the capabilities of the microscope and allows pathologists to engage in real-time telepathology for consults and second opinions.

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Easy Integration

Augmentiqs is easily installed within the existing microscope and pathology workflow. Placement of the system takes under a minute, and is immediately ready for use.

The Augmentiqs system is controlled from your PC, allowing easy access and sharing of images and data with all your other programs.

Augmentiqs is a microscope accessory and is not intended for any diagnostic purpose.